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How Many Calories Are Spent For Daily Activities

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Most of us seldom know how many calories we consume and how many calories we spend. In fact, when you have an exact idea of those numbers, you can easily manage your weight.

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Of course, it doesn't mean you need to be obsessive about those numbers but having a basic idea surely helps you keep a track.

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Now, let us discuss about the calorie expenditure of several activities. If you know how many calories are burnt when you engage in certain daily activities, it will be easy for you to burn more calories.


Watching TV

Around 30 calories are spent while watching TV for 30 minutes which means every minute with TV burns only a single calorie.



Reading a book could burn around 45 calories per 30 minutes of reading. So, reading a book is better than watching TV even when it comes to burning calories.



Cooking can easily burn around 100 calories in 30 minutes. So, cooking your own meal can help some calories.



Well, you can burn around 125-150 calories while shopping for half an hour. This also varies upon how much load you push, pull or carry while shopping.



Playing with your kid or pet is a good way to burn calories as you may burn around 150-175 calories in 30 minutes.



Walking can easily burn around 150-175 calories per 30 minutes depending upon how fast you walk.



If you are into gardening, then around 160-180 calories can be spent every 30 minutes.



Running allows you to burn around 300 calories in just 30 minutes. That is why it is good to go for a jog regularly.

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