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7 Exercises That Boost Sexual Performance

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When your muscles are tight and your body is fit, you tend to perform well in bed. This applies to both men and women. Good fitness levels can surely enhance bed life.

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But are there any workouts which specifically address certain aspects of making love? Of course, there are some which strengthen your privates and enhance your love making abilities.

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Performing such exercises regularly can greatly enhance the quality of your love making experience. Also, your libido stays in healthy levels too. Here are those workouts....



Your private parts need proper blood circulation and lunges do exactly that. Your pelvic area enjoys proper blood supply with this workout. Lunges also develop endurance, strength, stability and balance too.



Even squats are good in improving blood flow to your lower parts. Also, squats can intensify your thrusts while you're making love.


Push Ups

Some studies say that pushups can help last longer. Also, they can allow you to give a powerful thrust.


Butterfly Pose

Your hips and inner thighs get stretched when you try this pose. Your body becomes more flexible for love making when you do workouts that stretch your legs.



Planks can strengthen your core and also boost endurance too. Your stamina on bed may also improve.



Learning to control the muscles in your private parts can go a long way in helping you perform well in bed. Kegel exercises do exactly that.


Stability-Ball Crunches

These crunches make your core strong and may help you give passionate thrusts while making love.

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