11 Signs You Need To Stop Dieting

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Frankly speaking, dieting isn't for everyone. If you have to lose weight, consult a nutritionist and embrace a good workout plan instead of following trendy diet plans that you came across on the web which are totally unrealistic.

Eat Less And Move More

Yes, maintaining healthy weight is good. Losing those extra pounds is a must. But try not to make it an obsession and never expect to lose all the excess weight in a week or a month. It takes its own time. This is why diets don't work.

And then if you start trying impractical diet plans which deprive your body of nutrients and leave your hungry all the time, you are just buying a health disaster. In fact, this is why diets fail. They are unrealistic.

How To Be Lazy And Manage To Stay Skinny

If you want to know how to stop dieting forever, consult your family doctor and seek healthy ways to shed weight instead of losing the joy of living.


Sign #1

You lose lot of weight suddenly. This isn't healthy at all. If this happens, you must stop dieting and consult the doctor immediately.


Sign #2

You get scared of obesity. If the mere thought of obesity is scaring you and making you sleepless, it is better to deal with that phobia first.


Sign #3

You get frustrated when following your diet rules. If your life feels too constrained, stop following the diet.


Sign #4

You get obsessed with counting calories. Dieting should be natural. If it turns into an obsession, it is better to stop it.


Sign #5

Your weight fluctuates constantly. If this happens then it means that something went wrong with your diet or health. Consult a doctor.


Sign #6

Your 'irritability' irritates your loved ones. If you are shouting at everyone around for no reason, stop the diet.


Sign #7

Life seems to be hell. If you feel that the joy of living is missing, you must reconsider your decision of following the diet.


Sign #8

You dream about burgers. This means that you are missing your favourite foods badly.


Sign #9

You feel stressed out most of the time without any reason. Well, this could be because your body is deprived of enough nutrients.


Sign #10

Your energy levels plummet. If you are feeling drained, without even doing anything, your diet has betrayed you.


Sign #11

When your friend throws a party, you empty all the snacks offered without even bothering to leave anything for anyone!

These are just a few signs that your diet went wrong. If you know about any, please share them with us.

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