Eat Less And Move More

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Most of the health problems originate due to overeating. A great solution to such problems would always be eating a bit less! If you eat less and move more, half of the health issues can be kept under control.

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Of course, it doesn't mean that you must totally starve yourself or deprive yourself of good nutrition. That is a dangerous thing to do. But try to eat less to lose weight but load your food with all nutrients.

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If you want to reap the benefits of eating less, you must consume a balanced meal, include more of natural fruits and vegetables and also ensure that you lead an active lifestyle. Otherwise, eating less may even backfire as your body can't operate without the required amounts of nutrients.

Here are some health benefits of eating less.


Benefit #1

Yes, your energy levels may soar when your intake is in healthy limits. You can stay alert and awake as your body's metabolism stays in the right pace.


Benefit #2

Consuming healthy food in healthy limits may also slow down your ageing process. Your body will have enough energy and resources to combat the free-radical damage.


Benefit #3

You may need to visit the doctor less because your body will have enough resources to recover and repair its tissues. This is because your energy will be spent less on digesting food and flushing our toxins when you consume healthy food in healthy quantities.


Benefit #4

Another research claims that eating in healthy quantities may also enhance your bed life. Yes, some foods may decrease your libido. Eating healthy may normalise your libido levels.


Benefit #5

The problem of obesity will never knock your door when your intake is in healthy quantities.


Benefit #6

Limiting your intake is also good for your hormones. You may enjoy vitality, health and vigour.


Benefit #7

Some health experts also say that eating healthy may also make your smarter. When your intake is healthy, your mind tends to work well.


Benefit #8

A recent study indicates that those who eat less tend to look younger than those who overeat. Of course, when you eat less and stay slim, there are reasons why you look younger, right?


Benefit #9

You will be able to prevent many diseases when you eat healthy. When you overeat, you may accumulate more toxins which may lead to inflammation that can result in several diseases. Eating healthy can prevent such conditions.

These are just a few benefits. Please share with us if you know about any other benefits.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 17, 2015, 1:08 [IST]
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