How To Be Lazy And Manage To Stay Skinny

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Staying skinny could seem like a tough goal for many because they think that lots of efforts have to go in. Of course, without efforts nothing is possible. But health experts say that making slight changes to eating habits can also help reach the goal. But it takes more time.

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How to stay skinny without working out? It just requires making small adjustments to your current lifestyle. And don't expect quick results. You may gradually reach your goal.

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As foods have a major role in making you accumulate fat, you can work on your diet to get skinny. But don't starve yourself.

Now, let us discuss some tips for staying skinny.


Tip #1

Fibre-rich foods fill you fast. How about starting your meal with vegetables or fruits?


Tip #2

One way to manage the problem is: eat your favourite foods but try to reduce the portion sizes drastically and see.


Tip #3

Either watch TV or eat food. Don't do them together. They ruin your life.


Tip #4

Try the 80-20 method. Eat till 80 percent of your actual capacity and leave 20% of empty space in your stomach.


Tip #5

Start turning into a vegetarian. Your task becomes very simple.


Tip #6

Whenever you eat out, consume more of soup (starter) and eat less of the main course.


Tip #7

Dinner is your last meal. Don't eat even a morsel after that till morning even if you are awake the whole night.


Tip #8

Minimise your intake of the following: drinks, desserts and white breads.


Tip #9

Carry carrots in your pockets. Whenever your mind says snack please, stuff them in your mouth.


Tip #10

Last but not the least; stay away from artificial sweeteners as well as alcohol.

These are just a few tips; if you know of any please share them with us.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 16, 2015, 5:32 [IST]
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