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9 Good Habits That Are Bad For You

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We all would like to embrace a healthy lifestyle and therefore we try to cultivate good healthy habits. It is a good intention but what if those habits aren't really healthy?

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Well, there are some good habits that are bad for you. Though they aren't really unhealthy habits, they may affect you in the long run in some way or the other.

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Are you wondering what those so called ‘good habits' are? Well, check out the below points to know about them. But don't panic, talk to your doctor in order to know whether you can continue such habits.


Brushing Teeth After Every Meal

Health experts suggest waiting for nearly an hour to brush your teeth especially after an acidic drink or food. This is because the acids make your enamel wet and if you brush, it may harm your teeth.



You might be using ant-bacterial soaps to keep germs at bay. Well, some experts say that those soaps are as good as normal ones that you have used till now.


Eating Multiple Small Meals

Well, eating 6 small meals rather than 3 big meals isn't bad but what if you eat those small meals during late night? Well, your body slows down after evening and therefore, planning all your small meals before that time may help maintain healthy weight.


Lifting Weights Daily

It is good to be regular in your workouts but you should also remember that each muscle group requires a day to recover. So, if you are working the same muscle group on two consecutive days, you are doing it wrong.



Health experts say that consuming too much of supplements may have some side effects. Get your vitamins through real foods and your protein through plant and animal foods instead of consuming supplements.


Sleeping Too Much

Well, insufficient sleep may harm health but it doesn't mean that you can sleep too much. That might even make you dull and confused; find the right balance.


Bottled Water

Well, we are not clear on this because there is an ongoing debate. Some experts say that relying too much on bottled water may look like a good habit but it isn't. Seek the advice of your doctor on this.



Yes, too much of sun exposure can cause sun burn but if you avoid it totally, you may lack Vitamin D.


The Wrong Way Of Meditating

Meditation is really good habit. Doing it the right way matters. If you are trying to meditate in the wrong place juts to escape your tensions instead of facing them, you may really get a bad headache as you can't control such thoughts. Choose a silent place and let your mind naturally relax.

These are just a few thoughts on this topic. If you have any, please share them with us.

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Story first published: Monday, September 14, 2015, 5:24 [IST]
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