8 Healthy Midnight Snack Ideas

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Midnight snacking is just a bad habit. Get rid of it. But what if you are caught up in a situation on particular day where you have to eat something late in the night? Will you go to be on an empty stomach?

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Well, in such a case eating in the night cannot be avoided. Choose a food that doesn't disturb your sleep and digestive system.

Sleeping with a hungry stomach isn't advisable as your sleep patterns get disturbed due to unstable blood sugar levels.

When choosing a night snack, ensure that it is a protein-rich snack if possible. Eat in small quantities to ensure that you don't load up more than 180-200 calories.

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A heavy meal would again burden your digestive system. Also, acidic foods may cause acid reflux and may disturb your sleep. Also, avoid sugary dishes, ice cream, oily foods and fatty substances.

Now, let us discuss what to eat as a mid night snack.



Choose the fat-free variety. It contains protein and important nutrients. Your hunger will be satisfied due to the protein content. But don't add sugar to it.


Cottage Cheese

It contains protein which makes you feel satisfied for a few hours. And it digests slowly. Without adding sugar, consume a bowl of cheese.



In some cases, you can eat chicken for two reasons. It digests slowly. But don't go for red meat. Also don't go for a spicy dish. Keep it simple.



Consume them in the form of a raw salad and go to bed. You won't feel hungry till morning.



Consume a small plate of crackers along with an apple. You can peacefully sleep without hunger.



Eating broccoli can be a great thing for your body as it comes with many vitamins and minerals along with fibre. Never feel guilty to eat it as a midnight snack.



Carrots contain lots of nutrients and they are filling too. And the best part is that they don't have too many calories.



Eating banana as a midnight snack is pretty safe. It is easier to digest and won't interfere with your sleep.

These are some midnight snacks to try especially if you are forced to face such a situation. If you have any other ideas, please share them with us.

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