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The Warrior Mindset: Lift Like A Man

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Beginners perform a few repetitions and as it hurts, they quit. But professional bodybuilders train beyond that point and claim that all growth happens through pain. Is that the mindset of a bodybuilder?

A Drilling And Killing Workout-Try HIIT

Yes. Most of the beginners focus more on the diet of a bodybuilder but cultivating a tough mindset is a part of bodybuilding basics. Remember that it is both a physical and psychological activity. Your entire system has to get itself together to lift heavy.

Your mind is the most important tool that can make you grow in leaps and bounds or give up sooner than that.
When most of us give up due to pain, how do some men still lift heavy and achieve those massive muscles? Let us take a look at that mindset.

Facts You Didn't Know About Manhood

(Note: Without consulting a physician it is not advisable to try any intense exercise or muscle building routine.)


Focus On The Now

When you are lifting, your entire focus should be only on the action as if that is the single most important thing you are living for. If you cultivate this habit, it becomes your mindset. With great efforts, come great results.


Never Settle For Less

Be greedy in the world of bodybuilding. Desire for more and more. Being satisfied with your routines will kill your progress soon.


Crossing Genetic Limitations...

Though your genetics decide your muscle gains they shouldn't stop you from lifting heavier. Irrespective of the gains, keep lifting and see what happens.


Keep Learning

The subject of bodybuilding is an ocean. Keep learning every day without thinking that you know all.


Just One More Rep...

Even after reaching a point where you are totally exhausted, try for one more repetition. Just one more. This mindset can help you keep progressing without hitting a plateau. (But don't strain your body or over train. That's not the point here).


Don't Lift For Approval

You don't need anyone's approval or validation or praise. Lift for your own sake and workout for your own benefit. Seeking approval makes your mind weak sooner or later.


Results Do Matter

If your work didn't get you results, it simply means you are doing it wrong. Find out the right way- whatever it takes.


Never Workout Alone In The Beginning

The ambience of a gym where you hear men lifting heavy while screaming tends to bring out a different side in you. At home, you tend to find no motivation and this may kill your progress.


Rely On Science

Don't ignore what your body says and don't ignore what the science says. Find a balance somewhere.


Your Potential Is Zero If You Never Use It

If energy isn't used, it is as good as it never existed. So, even if you have the potential of becoming a champion if you don't use it, you are never a champion.

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