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A Drilling And Killing Workout-Try HIIT

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Before going into the benefits of HIIT training, let us first try to understand it. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval-training.

This is just a pattern of workout where you alternate between a high intensity workout and a low intensity workout several times for a particular period of time or repetitions.

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Sounds complicated? It is in fact, the easiest workout. For example, if you are planning to run for 60 seconds, you can run very fast for 10 seconds and walk slow for 10 seconds and again run fast for 10 seconds and walk slow for 10 seconds, and repeat this process till you finish the one minute. It is easy an workout to lose weight and even build muscle!

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If you want to reap the benefits of this pattern of workout, plan a 15 minute session with 5 repetitions of any simple workout that suits you. Perform it thrice a week. But before that, consult a doctor and discuss about what you are doing and take his nod.

Now, let us discuss about the benefits of high intensity interval training.


Benefit #1

It burns fat fast! Your body starts burning calories faster than ever as this intense workout taxes your body.


Benefit #2

This workout never lets you lose your muscles, but makes you lose fat. Most of us fear cardio as we think that it steals our muscle but this workout never betrays you.


Benefit #3

It is very healthy for your heart. Your heart starts beating faster after you finish each repetition. You will soon feel drained completely.


Benefit #4

It suits even busy people as it takes only 10-15 minutes or maybe lesser. But the results are excellent.


Benefit #5

If you choose running or skipping rope workout, you don't even need to buy any other equipment which means this workout is affordable.


Benefit #6

This workout also speeds up your slow metabolism which is a good thing for your fat burning process.


Benefit #7

Some sources say that this workout also helps in the release of growth hormone in the body that slows down the ageing process.


Benefit #8

As you don't need a gym, you can do this workout almost anywhere.


Benefit #9

It suits both women and men too. You can adjust the level of intensity according to your capacity.


Benefit #10

It challenges your whole system big time. This is the best part! And the results would surprise you if you perform the workout right.

If you know about any more benefits, please share them with us.

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