7-Minute Workout For Lazy Men/Busy men

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You are not lazy. You are busy. You don't have enough time to go to the gym. On the other hand, your belly fat is spoiling your dating opportunities. What to do?

Well, you need the simplest workout routine that doesn't need much time. Have you heard of static hold exercises? Though they are not the simplest workout ever, they do come with certain benefits and they are effective too.

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A static hold is nothing but holding your body in a particular posture for a few seconds and relaxing. For example, you are doing a pushup. Once your body reaches close to the ground, hold that position for 15-20 seconds. Yes, it isn't easy. But this works. The same method can be used even for pull ups, weights etc.

Hold your body for 10 seconds when your chin reaches the pull up bar. Come down after the hold duration is over. Do 5 repetitions regularly.

In the initial stages, start by doing 5 static holds in of push up and 5 of pull ups. You will notice the difference in a week. Do it thrice a week. Gradually, you can use this technique with squats too.

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The best part is, 5 repetitions would take just a couple of minutes. But the workout would be intense for your muscles. Finish your whole workout in 5 minutes. Don't forget to warm up before this exercise. Also, consult a doctor before you try this workout.

Now read on to know about the benefits of static contraction training.


Benefit #1

It can be equally intense and sometimes more intense than other workouts. Perform 5 push ups fast. Then perform one push up by holding it for 20 seconds. Compare the intensity.


Benefit #2

This method helps build and tone muscles efficiently. If you lift weights and hold them using this method, your muscle building can be done faster. But try it only under the supervision of your gym coach.


Benefit #3

This method is also said to enhance your endurance levels. As your capacity to hold an intense position for more time, your endurance also increases.


Benefit #4

You need very less time to finish your workouts even if you use weights. In fact, even 10 minutes of intense workout suffices.


Benefit #5

You can sweat like hell by just increasing the intensity of this workout without spending a lot of time.


Benefit #6

Compared to other workouts, the scope for injury would be a bit less in static contraction training workouts.


Benefit #7

This method can also burn fat efficiently if you are consistent. As it takes very less time, being consistent wouldn't be a problem too.


Benefit #8

You don't need any equipment especially if you try this method with a push up or a pull up.


Benefit #9

You can be creative and try variations in different ways with various levels of intensities.

These are just a few benefits. If you know of any, please share them with us.

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