Reasons Why You Don’t Need A Six Pack

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Are 6 pack abs healthy? Are they necessary? Well, some people are genetically gifted with low body fat levels. They can get those abs faster. Others might need to put in lots of efforts. Severe diet and workout routines are required. But is it worth it?

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Here is the truth about 6 pack abs: they are not a symbol of health. They signify low body fat, and they make your frame look sculpted. But that's it; nothing more and nothing less.

It is better to know about the facts about 6 pack abs instead of blindly believing that they are the ultimate proof of health and fitness.

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Now, read on to know more about the reasons why you don't need to crave for them.


Are Abs Really Functional?

Realise this whether you are a man or a woman. Sculpted abs don't have a specific purpose. They are just a symbol of low body fat content and leanness. They don't enhance your body's functionality. If your core is strong, that is enough.


Do You Want To Gamble With Your Health?

Extremely low body fat can be dangerous. If you can gain abs without sacrificing too much on your diet and body weight, then it is not a problem but otherwise, it would be a costly adventure.


Health Is Not Measured By A ‘6 Pack'

There are no specific health benefits that you can enjoy even if you strive hard for those abs. Realise that most of the world's healthiest and fittest sports people didn't even sport abs. In fact, some people with 6 pack are unhealthy!


If You Are A Woman You Want Your Periods On Time

Extreme diet and fitness regimes coupled with stress and anxiety may disturb your hormonal balance and may delay periods. Is it necessary?


Why Starve Yourself??

Extreme dieting isn't realistic when you want to eat well. But 6 pack aspirations demand stringent diet rules. Is it worth it?


Rome Was Not Built In A Day

You need to adjust your diet and lifestyle for many months or even years to get those abs. Is it worth your time unless you are a professional body builder?


Isn't Fitness Enough?

If your body is fit and healthy and if you feel strong from inside and if your immunity helps fight all diseases, isn't it enough for you? Well, then all of the above is possible even without a six pack.


Do You Wish To Stand With The Majority?

According to a survey, only 3% of the population perceives 6 pack as the ultimate symbol of fitness. The rest think that it is not really important. Do you wish to go with the 3% minority who doesn't know the difference between health, fitness and show-off?

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