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Yes, Some Organs Repair Themselves!

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The human organism is an extraordinary miracle in this universe. It can adapt to almost any environment and can heal itself in certain conditions.

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Well, in your very body, there are some organs that heal themselves. Your liver can heal itself if you don't trouble it with more liquor.

Your arteries are among the organs that regenerate themselves when they are supported with strenuous exercises in your lifestyle.

This applies to even a few areas of your brain, your intestines, your skin and even lungs. They are organs that renew themselves.

How Does Your Body Heal Itself

All you need to do is create the ideal conditions, support the whole process and maintain a healthy lifestyle that further doesn't contribute to the damage done to those organs.



Narrow blood vessels can torture your arteries. When they are clogged, your body tries to enlarge the arteries. In some cases, new arteries are created. All this happens only when you are healthy. If your arteries are full of cholesterol, this process will fail. Choose an activity that makes your heart pump more blood. Running and swimming are perfect examples.



Smoking and pollution bombard your lungs. Staying away from smoke and working out helps your lungs clear mucus and they start recovering. Consuming foods rich in vitamin A and some retinoic acid is said to help lungs recover. Eating sweet potatoes and carrots might help.



Over consumption of alcohol drains it. If you are lucky enough, your liver can recover even after a small part of it is almost dead; But only if you haven't killed it through liver cirrhosis. Quitting alcohol and consuming detox-foods containing folic acid and vitamin B is important.



When part of a bone is broken, the cells of the remaining part work hard to recover. To speed up the recovery, one must eat leafy greens to get some Vitamin K. Also, after a short period of bed rest, mild activity is recommended to pressurise growth in the bone.



Reports suggest that regular workouts help your brain form fresh neurons; it is a good way of helping your brain as an organ in its regeneration process.



When you consume alcohol and acidic foods, your intestines panic. Quit such habits and consume fibre rich natural foods to help the cells recover. Consume whole grains.


Important Point #1

If severe damage is done to any of the above organs, recovery may be impossible.


Important Point #2

If you are a habitual smoker or a drinker, quitting them makes sense during recovery.


Important Point #3

Recovery occurs only if your body is in a relaxed state. So, resting is important.


Important Point #4

Before analysing or trying anything new, consulting a doctor is important as none of the facts you read anywhere can give you a whole picture about your actual health condition.

Now that we know that some organs in the human body can repair themselves if helped with some healthy habits, we can at least try to follow a new lifestyle.

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