How To Preserve Your Manliness Till Old Age

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Testosterone is everything for a man as it gives manliness. Low testosterone levels are a nightmare for any man. Why?

Well, firstly it is a hormone and is produced in the male genitals. From the production of sperm to determining your libido levels, this male hormone has a lot to do with your pride.

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In fact, without adequate levels of this hormone, your muscle growth and bone strength are also not possible. You need to boost your testosterone levels if you are not doing well as a man.

What diminishes it? Age, yes old age! We all hate old age because it robs us of our riches. But wait, there are some old men who still perform well and there are some young men who fail. Why is it so?

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Okay, apart from age, bad lifestyle can also damage your manliness. In fact, a recent study claims that today's young men are low on testosterone by 20% compared to young men of the previous century. There lies the answer. What changed in the past few decades? Lifestyle, right? Let us discuss how to boost your testosterone naturally.


Fact #1

A recent survey says that obese men display low testosterone levels. Shed your excess weight first before anything else if you wish to feel strong.


Fact #2

Lift heavy weights. This can boost your testosterone levels naturally. Make your workout as intense as possible.


Fact #3

Your body needs Zinc to produce testosterone. Ensure that your diet provides you enough Zinc. Consume spinach.


Fact #4

Vitamin D plays a vital role in maintaining T levels. Get some sun light too.


Fact #5

A short but very intense workout can drastically boost your T-levels.


Fact #6

Cortisol is a killer. Stress negatively impacts your T-levels. Therefore, keep it at bay.


Fact #7

A recent study states that sugar consumption can also lower testosterone levels. Limit your consumption.


Fact #8

Use olive oil in your salads and other dishes as a study says that it indirectly contributes to your overall T levels.


Fact #9

The nutrients in nuts can help boost your T levels. Include them in your diet.


Fact #10

Cut your caffeine intake as it can spike your cortisol and lower your T levels.


Fact #11

Sleep well if you wish to save your T levels. Lack of sleep can rob you of your manliness!

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