The Basics Of Muscle Building

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How to build muscles? Well, to put it in a simple way, you must need to grow stronger to increase your muscle mass. And growing stronger implies increasing the capacity of your muscles. This takes time and isn't a one day job.

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This is why it isn't advisable to look for ways to build muscles fast. Such short cuts may never work and using steroids isn't a healthy decision as there could be possible side effects.

Even if your genetics don't permit, you still can achieve some results after lifting heavy and you can still be proud of whatever little results you gain with hard work.

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In fact, with consistent workouts, you can manage to surprise yourself with good results. But of course, you should not expect massive muscles like a wrestler or a professional weight lifter. Remember that they train for hours every day which isn't a practical thing for most of us who need to do a day job to live.

Now, read on to know the basics of muscle building.


Consume Protein

Muscle gains come from your food. Protein helps build muscle. Start eating a protein-rich diet regularly.


Increase Calories

At first, you must try to consume at least 500 extra calories every day to see at least a pound of gain a week. But get those calories from natural and healthy foods. (Consult a Dietician if you are already overweight.)


Start Lifting

The best way to challenge your muscles is by lifting weights. Though there are so many other types of exercises, lifting would be the most beneficial if you are looking at gains. Join a gym and perform workouts only under the supervision of an expert trainer. (Injuries could prove costly).


Building Chest Muscles

If you wish to stay with only the basic exercises to keep your routine simple, perform bench press which shapes your upper body well.


Building Leg Muscles

Yes, to keep your routine simple in the initial stages, perform only squats to engage your leg muscles. Keep the repetitions low and gradually increase the weight as suggested by your trainer.


Smaller Meals

Start consuming smaller but nutritious meals and increase the frequency. But keep the overall calorie consumption same.


Rest Well

Workout only 3-4 days a week and allow your body to rest in the remaining days. Workout every alternate day. All growth happens when you are resting.


Don't Ignore Cardio

Stretch your body and perform cardio workouts like running at least once a week to build stamina, endurance and also to burn fat.


Sleep Well

All your efforts will go waste if you are not sleeping well. Respect your body and sleep well. After a few weeks, you will gradually start feeling tighter and stronger muscles inside you.

These are just a few steps. If you want to share any more suggestions, please go ahead.

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Story first published: Saturday, October 3, 2015, 13:26 [IST]
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