10 Habits Bad For Your Digestive System

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Constipation and bloating are signs of a bad digestive system. Sometimes, your habits may lead to such a sad state of affairs.

Lifestyle Factors That Kill Immunity

Your food habits and other habits may disturb the normal functioning if you are a bit careless about your lifestyle.

Remember that a bad digestive system can affect your health in many ways and you may also lose your energy levels soon if you don't correct the diet mistakes. Also, gas and constipation are not so comfortable to live with.

Why Is Blood Circulation Important?

Before it is too late, it is good to embrace healthy habits for the digestive system. Now, let us discuss about what's bad for it.


Insufficient Fibre Intake

Your bowel movements go smooth when your diet contains enough fibre. Lack of it may cause constipation.


Midnight Eating

This habit may cause heartburn or acid reflux as you may lie down soon after you eat. Maintain at least 2 hours of gap between your meal and sleep.


Swallowing Air

When you try to eat pretty fast you may swallow some air along with your food and this is bad for your digestive system.


Heavy Meals

Big meals are not so good for your digestive system. Eat the same quantity in multiple installments to help your digestive system.



Sodas affect your digestive system in two ways. They cause bloating and they can also cause acid reflux.



Refrain from consuming soft drinks or even tea along with your meal as that might lead to bloating.


Chewing Gum

When you chew a gum, you might swallow air. This may also cause burping and gas troubles.


Consuming Alcohol

Alcohol can terribly affect your digestive system. It can cause diarrhea and even lead to ulcers.


Postponing Nature's calls

It is a health sin to postpone nature's calls. This habit terribly affects your digestive system.



This is another reason to quit. Smoking may also cause ulcers and can also lead to acid reflux. In fact it affects your digestive system in many ways.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 1, 2015, 0:16 [IST]
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