Lifestyle Factors That Kill Immunity

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If you are feeling sick every now and then, it clearly means that your immune system is weak. If you are applying 'sick leaves' too often due to minor health issues, it means that your lifestyle is affecting your health.

How Your Lifestyle Affects Your Bones

Yes, there are several lifestyle factors that affect the immune system. Your habits contribute a lot to your health either in a negative way or a positive way.Do you know that even improper sleep can affect your immunity? Your stress levels and party habits can also disturb your immunity.

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When your immune system is strong, your body will be able to fight with infections and protect you effortlessly. But when it gets weak, you might need to take the help of the doctor every now and then.

In this post, let us discuss about several factors that influence immunity.


Factor #1

Research suggests that obesity can interfere with the production of white blood cells. So, even obesity can affect your immunity.


Factor #2

A sedantary lifestyle or a dull lifestyle may affect your circulatory system, and also your immune system. Regular workouts can make your condition better.


Factor #3

Your body needs sleep to repair itself and make itself stronger. If you don't sleep, you are not allowing your body to repair itself. Your immune system becomes weaker if you don't sleep properly.


Factor #4

We all know the fact that alcohol plays an important role in troubling your immune system; it is better to quit this habit.


Factor #5

Sugary foods and foods that have additives in them give a tough time for your immunity. Quit the habit of eating junk and sugary foods.


Factor #6

It is a fact that a lonely depressed life can affect your health. Maintain a healthy social life for the sake of your immune system.


Factor #7

Some types of drugs, especially antibiotics can interfere with the efficiency of your immune system. So, stay away from self medication at all costs.


Factor #8

Cigarettes are packed with 4000 chemicals which are just waiting to kill your immunity. Quit smoking to live longer.


Factor #9

Cortisol levels in your body may also affect your health especially when you are prone to stress on a daily basis. Stress kills your immunity.

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