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How Your Lifestyle Affects Your Bones

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You need strong bones to lead a normal life. But with age, your bones may lose strength just like any other organ in your body. But what if your lifestyle weakens your bones much before you reach old age? Well, some bad habits gradually affect your bones.

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Yes, soda affects bones, smoking affects bones and even alcohol affects bones.

Even if you don't have bad habits like smoking, drinking or consuming soda, even your sedentary lifestyle or your caffeine intake can also take a toll on your bones.

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Even insufficient sun exposure may also affect the strength of your bones. Let us discuss this further...


Calcium Deficiency

If your diet lacks enough calcium, your body will fail to be able to maintain healthy bones.


Sedentary Lifestyle

When you exercise regularly, your bones tend to stay stronger whereas a sedentary life is bad for your bones.



The problem with caffeine is that it can decrease the rate of calcium absorption in your body and this may increase bone loss.



Yes, this habit of yours can reduce the bone mass and can even lead to osteoporosis later.


Insufficient Sun Exposure

We all know that the body requires enough of vitamin D in order to absorb calcium and phosphorus. When you fail to provide enough of vitamin D, your bones may suffer.


Alcohol Consumption

Health experts say that heavy consumption of alcohol can affect the bones. In fact, a survey claims that teenagers who consume alcohol may suffer osteoporosis in their later years.



A study says that excessive intake of sodium may cause loss of calcium as your body excretes both of the minerals together.



Though some don't accept this theory, it is a fact that sodas affect your bones if your diet lacks enough of calcium.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 29, 2015, 1:05 [IST]
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