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Are You Heading Towards Burnout?

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It is a fact that all of us want a rich life. We want enough money to help us buy the material comforts. But this has put us in the rat race over a period of time.

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Gradually, the culture of over-working has crept into our lives and this has made us stress over till the point of burnout. It is important to avoid such a situation.

A burnout could be bad both for your mind and your body. Your health might suffer, your personal and social lives may also get affected after some time.

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Well, how to deal with burnout? Firstly, you should know about the early signs of burnout so that you will be able to at least know that your mind and body are being stretched beyond limits. Take regular breaks or find out ways to relax if you reach such a point in your work life.


Sign #1

You might start losing temper without any reason. You get irritated and sarcastic. You might get worked up and provoked easily. This is one of the first signs of burnout.


Sign #2

You may always feel exhausted and tired. This makes you consume more coffee and that makes you more tired. This is a vicious circle.


Sign #3

You may start losing your productivity levels and this may put you behind your schedule. Gradually, you will start feeling that no matter how hard you try, you cant finish work on time.


Sign #4

You may start losing interest on your work and this makes you think that there is no joy in working hard.


Sign #5

You may start missing your social life or you may avoid social life as you feel very tired to even say 'hello' to your friends.


Sign #6

You may start losing sleep as your worries may start tormenting you and they disturb the quality of your sleep.


Sign #7

You gradually feel that you have no control over anything that is happening to you. This happens because your tired body and mind gives up faster.


Sign #8

Your libido may start getting decreased over a period of time due to the stressful conditions in your life.

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