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Household Activities That Burn Calories


There are some simple activities that burn calories. If you hate going to the gym, if you don't like to perform any workout, then you can simply perform some household activities and still be able to burn calories. In fact, most of our ancestors managed to stay fit by working hard in their daily lives.

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So, there are some everyday activities that burn calories. In fact when you do all the chores at home without hiring a servant, you can manage to stay in shape.

It may sound silly to you. But just imagine this. You have two buckets full of water. You need to carry them till your backyard and water some plants there. Do this activity and see how strenuous it can be when you do the second repetition. Isn't it a workout?

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So, there are such daily activities that burn calories. Here are a few of them; try them out.



This activity involves, carrying shovels and digging the earth. It makes you move and enhances your blood circulation.


Dish Washing

Washing dishes is also an activity that helps you move your body a bit. Instead of using a dish washer or relying on a servant, wash your dishes yourself. Your hands need that workout.


Floor Cleaning

Mopping your entire house can be a good workout that relaxes you. Do it yourself everyday if possible.


Wiping Windows

When you meticulously wipe all the spots on your window panes thoroughly using a cloth, you will surely agree that it is also a form of workout!


Running With Your Pet

It goes without saying that you will burn a lot of calories when you run along with your dog for 20 minutes every day.


Carrying Water

Carrying 2 buckets of water with your hands and walking around your garden can definitely make you sweat. In fact, it is almost like a dumbbell workout.


Organising Your Room

When you spend an hour organising your room, you can enjoy the benefits of a workout and at the same time, your room looks better.


Walking Up To The Grocery

Instead of using your car, walk to the grocery and comeback carrying the baskets with your hands. It's a good workout.


Hand Washing Clothes

Instead of using the washing machine, wash your clothes with your hands and see how many calories you can burn when you do it regularly.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 24, 2015, 8:15 [IST]