10 Embarrassing Health Problems Of Men

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There are some embarrassing health issues that men generally suffer. Some of them could be due to medical reasons and may need a doctor's help whereas some of them could be minor issues which can treated by home remedies.

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It could be your clogged arteries which betray you when you are in bed or your mouth odour that may turn her off just when you try to brush her lips with yours; certain health conditions may embarrass you terribly.

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At the end of the day, these embarrassing medical conditions may affect the self-esteem of a man if they are not treated on time. Therefore, it is important to address them and give them attention on time in order to solve the issues and feel normal.
Now, let us discuss about those embarrassing male medical conditions.


Frequent Urination

As you age, your chances of suffering from enlarged prostrate may increase. This may lead to frequent urination and if that happens when you go out on a date with someone, you may naturally feel embarrassed. Consult a doctor to get the condition treated.


Erectile Dysfunction

This is one of most serious embarrassing male medical conditions. When your organ isn't in your control, you may feel terribly embarrassed especially in the bedroom. It is better to undergo a medical examination to rule out conditions like diabetes or clogged arteries.


Premature Ejaculation

This is another issue that may kill a man's confidence levels drastically. Various reasons like anxiety and stress may also cause this issue. Talk to a therapist instead of trying miracle cures that are being advertised everywhere.



Bad breath makes things very embarrassing for any man who has plans to kiss a woman or even have an intimate conversation. It could be due to the foods or bad oral hygiene; consult a dentist and seek remedy.


Butt Acne

When you feel like removing your clothes to show off your manhood to your special someone, you can't when you have butt acne. As it is a skin issue you can follow home remedies or get a cream prescribed by a dermatologist.


Bad Gas

It is quite natural to pass gas when you suffer digestive issues or bloating. But this condition may embarrass you in social situations.


Beer Belly

The best thing to do in order to get rid of beer belly is quit beer and junk food. Of course, reducing your calorie intake and performing exercises is also important to solve this embarrassing issue.


Jock Itch

When you suffer this fungal infection, you feel tempted to scratch your crotch which may embarrass you when you are with your girl. Consult a doctor to get an anti-fungal remedy before you set out on a date.



Remember that erectile dysfunction is a bit different from impotence. When you lack sperm count or when you are unable to make a woman pregnant, you may be suffering impotence, consulting a doctor to find the reason out may help.


Body Odour

If your body emits a foul smell, you may feel embarrassed to hug your woman. Using an anti-antiperspirant or a perfume may help temporarily but consult a doctor to figure out the exact reasons behind the problem.

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