Why Is Hookah More Dangerous

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Is hookah bad for you? Some people think that cigarettes are harmful but smoking a hookah isn't. Well, a new study proved that this is just a myth.

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So, those of you who think that spending just an hour or so with a hookah joint won't kill you should think again.

It is dangerous. It i

s almost equal to smoking at least 5-6 packs of cigarettes in just an hour. Your lungs would give up!

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We all know that smoking may raise the risk of various diseases including heart and lung disorders. Now, it is proved that hookah smoking also contributes to those health dangers. Most of these hookahs come with various flavours to lure its lovers. But gradually, a hookah kills you.

Now, let us know more about the health risks of hookah.


Risk #1

It is addictive as it contains nicotine. Once you get habituated, you might feel like trying it more often.


Risk #2

Generally, charcoal is used to burn the tobacco in the hookah. Its smoke contains dangerous chemicals including carbon monoxide.


Risk #3

If you smoke a hookah for an hour, it is as good as smoking 5-7 packs of cigarettes at a time.


Risk #4

The smoke of a hookah is said to contain nickel, lead, carbon monoxide, tar and arsenic in higher levels as compared to the regular cigarette smoke.


Risk #5

A regular cigarette offers around 19 puffs whereas a single round of hookah offers more than 199 puffs.


Risk #6

A hookah is generally shared among friends. This might spread infections too.


Risk #7

The flavours encourage you to inhale more and more and this increases the damage.


Risk #8

A recent study revealed that the nicotine levels in the urine of the people who smoked hookah are 68 times more than that of cigarette smokers. This is dangerous. This is one of the health effects of hookah.


Risk #9

Most of us think that hookahs are not dangerous as the tobacco in it gets filtered through water. But this doesn't make it any better as the cancer causing substances are still there.

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