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Lose Weight Without Working Out

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Let us admit it: most of us are looking for the best way to lose weight without exercise. It doesn't mean that we are lazy but it's because we are busy.

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Spending time in the gym to sweat out could be nearly impossible especially if you are spending your waking hours only in your workplace or on the roads travelling home.

How to burn fat without exercise? Well, losing weight is also possible by making some changes to your diet but still health experts would recommend an active lifestyle to shed pounds.

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It is good to keep moving to stay healthy instead of thinking about how to burn fat without exercise. But still, let us discuss some tips for that.


Tip #1

If you are not able to reduce your portion size, choose fibre rich foods as they make you full. Eat more of fruits and vegetables as they come with less calories and more fibre.


Tip #2

Portion size plays an important role in adding up calories to your system. Work on that. Try to reduce the portion size but never try to starve yourself.


Tip #3

Say no to couch eating habits or distracted eating patterns. The bottom line is to not watch TV while eating as that might make you eat more than your capacity.


Tip #4

When to stop is an art to master. When you start eating, ensure that you finish the meal before you are totally filled. Leave some empty space in your belly. Its a healthy practice but again don't keep yourself hungry.


Tip #5

Try to eat vegetarian food more as it works as an advantage especially when you are trying to lose weight.


Tip #6

After your dinner, the best thing to do is to sleep instead of trying to munch a midnight snack that spoils your weight loss plans.


Tip #7

Try to cut soft drinks, sweets and processed foods in all forms. This itself helps you a great deal in losing weight.


Tip #8

Last but not least, completely quit alcohol consumption if you respect your health and weight loss goals.

These are just a few tips. If you know of any, please share them with us.

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Story first published: Friday, October 2, 2015, 1:01 [IST]
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