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12 Lickalacious Mushroom Recipes

By Staff

Mushroom is a fleshy, spore-bearing fruit of fungus that is adopted by many cuisines all over the world. Not many people love mushroom because of its bland taste. However, the food can be turned delicious by preparing some mouthwatering recipes.

You can add some freshly cut mushrooms in your gravy, dishes like manchurian or noodles. Even mushroom fried rice is a delicious Chinese main course recipe that is filling and has flavours of mushroom and Chinese sauces.

There are many types of mushrooms that have ample amount of health benefits. Shiitake, Morel, Portobello, Cremini, Oyster and Truffles are the most common types of mushrooms that are used for cooking. Mushrooms are a rich source of vitamin C, D, iron and antioxidants. Moreover, mushrooms are known as natural energy boosters. It promotes the maturation of dendritic cells (immune system cells). According to the researchers, this helps enhance the body's immunity. Also, mushrooms are rich source of vitamin B; vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin B3 (niacin). This vitamin converts carbohydrates in the body into glucose. This produces more energy in the body and keeps you active.

So, if you love mushroom and want to prepare some mouthwatering recipes, check out. Boldsky has picked-up 12 best mushroom recipes that are easy to prepare and are delicious too.

12 mushroom recipes


Stuffed mushrooms

It can be the best appetizer dish for a party or an evening get together. The stuffed mushrooms are filling and delicious too. You can have it with drinks or eat it simply with tomato ketchup.


Creamy shahi mushrooms

Shahi mushroom is one of the most popular Indian main course mushroom recipes. It has a very creamy as well as spicy taste at the same time.


Mushroom corn masala

Mushroom corn masala is a delicious main course recipe that can be prepared very easily. The blend of mushrooms and corn kernels with spices is a great treat for a meal.


Kadai mushroom masala

Want to have a spicy main course side dish using mushroom as the main ingredient? Kadai mushroom masala is an ideal dish for you. Prepared in the desi Indian style, the gravy is rich in Indian spices.


Mushroom omelette

Add a new ingredient to your breakfast omelette. Soft mushroom pieces can be added to the omelette. Add few slices of cheese to prepare a filling breakfast.


Mushroom fried rice

Mushroom fried rice is an amazing vegetarian fried rice recipe. Spices like cardamom, cinnamon and cloves are used to add points to the delicate and subtle flavours in this fried rice.


Spicy mushroom and garlic masala

If you love having spicy dishes, check out this recipe to prepare mushroom and garlic masala.


Mushroom macaroni

Many Italian dishes like pizzas and macaronis are prepared using mushroom as an ingredient. You can try this healthy mushroom macaroni. Add cheese and lots of Italian spices like oregano and pepper sauce to make it spicy.


Mushroom noodles

Time for some Chinese dishes. Mushroom noodles is easy to prepare and a delicious treat for all mushroom lovers.


Cheese stuffed mushrooms

Add some grated cheese, garlic and finely chopped vegetables like tomatoes and onions to prepare a delicious starters dish.


Mozzarella cheese and mushroom sandwich

Mozzarella cheese is used in many Italian dishes. You can place a slice of cheese on the bread slice and add some sliced mushroom pieces to prepare this breakfast recipe.


Mushroom chicken gravy

This is a great combination for non-vegetarians. The juicy chicken pieces and mushroom slices makes it a perfect side dish for main course.

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