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10 Vegetarian Curry Recipes You Must Try During Shravan


Curry forms an integral part of Indian food. A meal in any average Indian home is never complete without dal, chawal and at least one curry. That is why Indian women have to keep experimenting with various ingredients to make different curries to suit the tastes of their family members. But getting a new curry everyday can be bit of a problem because the same spices have to twisted and turned to make the dish taste different from the other.

Curries in India are usually prepared with vegetables. But when you get bored of vegetables, Indian cuisine also offers other options in which lentils or gram can also be made into curries.


It is a hard task to make each vegetable taste good and especially when you have one whole month to go where you can prepare only vegetarian recipes, then you have to try out every possible ingredient to create magic on your dining table. So, as the month of Shravan is on progress Boldsky brings a solution to your problem of cooking a new curry everyday.

Today we have listed out 10 most amazing and unique vegetarian curry recipes which you must definitely try during the month of Shravan. Take a look.


Dhokar Dalna

Small cakes made of chana dal are first steamed, fried and then simmered in a spicy gravy. It is a perfect item for people who abstain from eating onions and garlic because this dish is purely vegetarian in that sense. This vegetarian recipe can also be consumed during the various Hindu vratas or fasts.


Hariyali Lauki Ki Sabji

Hariyali means green. This curry is green in colour because of its ingredients. It is prepared with coriander and mint leaves which add a wonderful flavour to this vegetarian recipe.


Dahi Arbi

Dahi arbi is one such recipe which you can easily make and eat while you are fasting. Arbi or colocasia is a nutritious vegetable which provides energy while you are on a fast. This dish is made with curd which helps to keep your body cool. Apart from being healthy, this tangy dish is extremely delicious.


Mor Kuzhambu

Mor means buttermilk and kuzhambu means stew. The stew is prepared with buttermilk and a few other spices and ingredients which make this recipe an absolute delight.


Dudhi Kofta

This recipe is healthy, filling and delicious. Dudhi is nothing but the Indian bottle gourd which is grated and then made into balls or koftas and then cooked in tomato gravy.


Green Peas & Tomato Sabji

You can try the green peas and tomatoes sabji. It is a tangy and spicy side dish recipe which can be prepared within minutes. It is a quick recipe which can be teamed up with roti or with rice as well.


Vegetable Kadhi

Kadhi is a popular Indian dish made with chickpea flour and sour yogurt. There are many variations of this delicious dish and this version of kadhi is prepared with lots of vegetables, making it even more healthy and delicious.


Rajasthani Ram Chane

A lot of people are aware of Besan ke gatte, but there is a similar kind of curry made with besan called Ram chane which is not very popular but tastes amazing. You may avoid onions and garlic if you are observing complete vegetarianism.


Kele Ke Kofte

This Shravan special recipe of kele ke kofte is a lip-smacking delight which provides a good change of taste and is prepared without onions and garlic. The unique flavour of the unripe bananas makes this recipe an absolute delight for those observing vegetarianism.


Tofu Butter Masala

The tofu butter masala is prepared the same way as paneer butter masala. The tofu is fried and then cooked in a thick tomato-cashew nut gravy which makes this vegetarian recipe a sheer delight. The mix of spices and the flavour of tofu makes the tofu butter masala a perfect recipe for Shravan.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 23, 2014, 12:30 [IST]
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