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Top 10 Easy To Make Paneer Recipes For Shravan


How many times in a week do you experience the fix on what to cook for the family? We are sure it happens all the time. With the month of Shravan and vegetarianism on the cards, you are left with even less choices. But with the limited choices you can make some of the best vegetarian recipes that you have ever tasted.

One of the best ingredients that you can convert into some of the delectable dishes is paneer. Almost every vegetarian household has a stock of paneer in their refrigerator. You just have to add in a few more ingredients to prepare the best meal for your family. Moreover the rising prices of the vegetables in the market make paneer the most apt and obvious choice for your diet during the month of Shravan.


For this purpose, Boldsky has listed here the top ten easy to make paneer recipes which you can prepare during Shravan. If you are exempting from onions and garlic then omit these ingredients from the recipe and then prepare it.

Check out these top 10 easy to make paneer recipes for Shravan and give them a try.


Phalahari Kadai Paneer

The Phalahari kadhai paneer is easy to make and if you are health conscious then this is a must try. The meaning of the word, Phalahari is fruit diet. This special Phalahari kadhai paneer recipe is made out of the most tastiest fruit which is tomato.


Paneer In White Gravy

This is very quick and easy recipe and it tastes awesome. If you like white gravies, then try this one. Paneer in white gravy is an awesome dish to try.


Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer butter masala is a popular recipe which hails from North India. The soft paneer cubes are cooked in a rich and buttery tomato gravy with a fine blend of Indian spices. This paneer recipe gives you that 'melt in the mouth' feeling which makes your taste buds crave for more of this delectable dish.


Dahi Paneer

Dahi paneer is basically an Indian curry that contains a curd gravy. Dahi paneer will not be very spicy because it has the soothing effects of curd in it.


Paneer In Tomato Gravy

We often think that paneer recipes require time as they need to be rich and spicy. However, this paneer in tomato gravy recipe can be prepared in just 30 minutes! Also the ingredients used in the preparation of this main course side dish recipe is easily available in your kitchen.


Jeera Paneer Fry

This Jeera Paneer Fry can be teamed with either butter kulcha or peas pulav. Both of these choices is a good selection to go with this delicious recipe of Jeera Paneer Fry.


Dry Matar Paneer

Matar paneer dry is another side dish recipe for the main course. Every time you do not want to prepare the rich and spicy matar paneer. So, this is a healthy alternative. Moreover, matar paneer dry is easy to make and requires less ingredients. Check out the recipe to make matar paneer dry.


Paneer Adraki

Adraki basically means prepared with ginger. So, the dish is made in a ginger based gravy which gives this dish a fragrant flavour and makes it very hard to resist.


Paneer Bhurji

The paneer bhurji recipe is easy. It is a spicy dish enjoyed by both the young and old. The best thing about this yummy paneer bhurji recipe is that it goes well with both bread and parathas! In some parts of India, particularly the South, this paneer bhurji is used as a stuffing for dosas to prepare paneer dosa.


Paneer Kalimirch

The heat from the black peppers gives it a nice kick. If you are not a big fan of black pepper, feel free to use it as much as you like. So here is the recipe.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 22, 2014, 12:26 [IST]
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