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10 Best Nail Colours To Flaunt This Autumn Season

With the weather becoming a little bit chilly, autumn has knocked on our doors with its pretty shades and falling leaves. And as with each season, we make some changes in our routine and shift some things around to accommodate autumn season with open arms. And these changes are reflected in our beauty choices too whether it is the tweaks that we do in our routine or our choice of colours for the particular season.


Changing the nail paint colours is one of the most efficient and quick ways to ease into the autumn season. After all, many of us would connect autumn with those orangish-brown leaves falling off the trees. Autumn inspires a change and especially in the colour scheme of things. And hence, to honour that, we have compiled a list of nail paint colours that are best-suited for the autumn season. Take a look!

1. Orange

Orange is a pretty obvious choice when it comes to the autumn season. File your nails in square shape and paint them orange. You can either go for subtle or bright orange as per your preference. You can also just paint your nails in plain orange or use it with a combination of black, white or golden polish to create intricate nail arts.


2. Rust Orange

This shade of orange perfectly depicts the colour of autumn. It is a great choice for the season and you will find most of the clothes for autumn complement this shade and you won't have to change your nail paint quite often.

3. Cinnamon

If you haven't already added a cinnamon nail paint to your collection, autumn is the perfect season to do that. It is a colour you can immediately connect with the season and simple wow everyone around you. The best part is it goes with almost every skin tone.

4. Garnet Red

This deep red colour adds warmth to your look and is a refreshing change from all the light and bright colours of the summer season. Give your hands a soothing manicure and top it off with some garnet red shade and it will immediately give you the fall season vibe.

5. Teal

We know. Most of you wouldn't think teal as your go-to fall colour but trust us. This is a great choice for nail paint and will immediately lift up your mood. And if you are going out for a fun evening, this is the colour you want to go for. Match it up with an outfit of similar shade and the nail paint would be like a cherry on top.

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6. Coffee Brown

If you want to go for a dark theme this autumn season, coffee brown is the perfect colour to go for. It has a charm to it and is a superb combination of dark and bright shade. This colour also makes up for a perfect shade to wear to the office or your college.

7. Honey Yellow

Well, if you want to draw attract attention to your nails, honey yellow is the colour you want to go for. It is not a subtle shade but one that reflects the mood of the season beautifully. Pair it up with a stunning yellow outfit and all eyes will be on you!

8. Purplish Grey

This is a huge contrast to the yellow but nevertheless a pretty and understated choice. This is a shade that makes it mark with being in your face. This is an elegant and intriguing shade that comes to life with a coat of glossy transparent polish on top.

9. Rouge Pink

While all the bright pink shades are reserved for the summer season, the subtle rouge pink is a perfect choice for the autumn season. An ideal blend of pastel and bright shade, this nail colour will go with almost every outfit that you wear.

10. Glossy Red

A true classic, the rich glossy red isn't a shade that you can leave. This nail colour will enhance the look of any attire that you might wear and is a must-have in your nail paint collection. To make it even more fun, you also pair this shade with a golden polish and add some softness to the look.

And these were all the nail paint shades that you must try this autumn season. Which is your staple nail paint colour for the autumn season? Tell us in the comment section below and stay tuned for more such suggestions.

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Story first published: Friday, October 4, 2019, 13:40 [IST]
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