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15 Easy Tips To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

Having perfectly manicured nails makes you feel like a Bad B', right! You love to highlight those painted nails, but it is enough to make one upset when the paint starts coming off as soon as you make 'em pretty.

Even if you avoid washing your hands just to make the nail polish last longer, it doesn't stay long. Therefore, here are some beauty tips to make the nail polish last longer. Check it out.

Tips To Make Nail Polish Last Longer

  • Always wash and clean your nails before applying nail colour. Soak your nails in soap water and remove the dead skin and cuticles around the nails.
  • Roll the bottle, don't shake it. Shaking a polish bottle infuses the colour with air bubbles, which leads to chips - mix the polish by holding it upright and rolling it in your hands instead.
  • Trim and shape the nails accordingly and then rinse in clean water. Dry with a soft towel and apply a moisturiser.
  • Let the nails dry for 10 minutes. Now, apply a thin base coat on your nails to make the nail polish last longer.
  • Apply a thin coat and cover the nails till the ends. Generally, nail polish starts to chip out from the ends first. This coat protects the nail polish and makes it stay long.
  • Let the coat dry on your nails. After the thin coat dries, apply one coat of the nail polish colour and let it dry.
  • One beauty tip to keep the nail polish for many days is to apply two to three coats (based on the requirement and shade colour).
  • Lighter nail polish colours should have 3 coats. This brings out the real nail colour and also looks good.
  • Let the nail polish air-dry. Apply a top coat over the nail polish coat. This protects the nail polish and makes it last longer.
  • You can also use a shimmer or glossy top coat to add a different glow to your nail polish.
  • If in a hurry, soak hands in cold water for 5 minutes after applying the nail polish. Otherwise, air-dry the nails.
  • Using a hand cream twice a day will help keep your hands moisturised. It also keeps your cuticles moisturised so that there is no problem with them drying and chipping off your skin or your nail paint.
  • If you are someone who has to do house chores daily, make sure to put on rubber gloves to protect your nails. The constant flow of water, soap and other household chemicals can chip the paint off your nails.
  • Make sure to avoid the cuticles because the colour applied is more likely to peel away than the polish applied directly to the nail.
  • Dried-out polish is more likely to peel off of your nails, so to avoid it make sure that you use nail oil at least once a day.
Story first published: Thursday, May 5, 2022, 19:59 [IST]
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