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5 Fabulous Ways To Tweak Your Skincare Routine To Make It Autumn Appropriate

Autumn is here! With the change in season, you need to make changes in the way you care for your skin, just the way that you shift and upgrade your wardrobe. Autumn, or fall, is a season in which humidity takes a back seat and dry and a little chilly weather during the evening takes it place. The harsh summer sun drops its intensity and the cold winter weather is knocking on the door. And all these changes can make-up for a recipe for disaster for your skin. And especially those with dry skin need to look out for themselves.

You can't continue your summer skincare during the autumn season and you don't also need to make some drastic changes to it. What you need is to tweak your summer skincare routine to make it more autumn appropriate. And to help you with that, today at Boldsky, we bring to you the little changes that you need to make the transition from summer to autumn easier and smoother for your skin. Let's begin, shall we?

1. Swap Your Cleanser With A Hydrating One

Cleansing is the first step of the skincare and everybody does it whether you follow skincare religiously or not. Autumn tends to suck the moisture of your skin and make it dry and it would be a great idea to switch your cleanser to a more moisturising one. In this way, you can tackle the issue of dry skin in your very first skincare step.

2. Grade-up The Moisturiser

A moisturiser is mandatory no matter the weather, just like sunscreen. But, due to the drop in humidity level during the autumn season, our skin becomes drier and the gentle moisturiser that was great for summers won't suffice. So, grade up your moisturiser and go for a more thick and hydrating formula. Not only that, this is a great way to get your skin ready for the much harsher winter season.

3. Exfoliate The Skin, But Not So Much

Exfoliating is an essential step to keep the skin healthy and supple. As the temperature drops during autumn, the dead skin cells that formulate on your skin throughout the day increase. And to get rid of the dead skin cells, it is important to regularly exfoliate the skin. But remember, over-exfoliating in the dry autumn weather can cause a great deal of harm to your skin. So, keep the exfoliation to a minimum but don't completely shut it off.

4. Go For A Glossy Lipstick

Your lips are one of the first places to reflect the dry and arid autumn weather. And it is also one of the most neglected. Autumn can lead to dry and chapped lips. And to prevent that, we advise you to go for a glossy lipstick rather than a matte one. It not only amps up your look but also keeps your lips supple and moisturised.

5. Don't Panic If You Get Some Breakouts

Breakouts are quite common during the weather change. And if you have a skin susceptible to breakouts you will encounter them. But there is no reason to panic. Give your skin some time to adjust to the weather. And if you want, you can try some moisturising masks according to your skin type or whip up some home remedies to soothe and pamper your skin.

There you go! These were the small changes you need to make to your summer skincare routine to make it autumn appropriate. Try these and trust us your skin will thank you for doing that. Enjoy the lovely autumn with happy skin!

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