Cello Tape Beauty Hacks That Are Borderline Genius!

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Sketching on an exotic winged eyeliner, keeping nail paint from smudging your skin to getting quirky nail paint designs, your beauty routine can get a whole lot easier, thanks to the ingenious cello tape beauty hacks.

Who would have thought that something as simple as a sticky tape can be so useful, right? It's a game changer really.

cello tape

However, before we proceed to learning exactly how to use our good old run-of-the-mill scotch tape in our beauty routine, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

If you have sensitive skin, make sure to patch test the tape first, as the adhesive on the tape can trigger allergic reactions in some.

When applied directly onto the skin, and pulled off in one quick stroke, scotch tape can cause fine lines. Instead, cut a thin strip of the tape, press it on the skin of your hand, and remove it. Do it twice, to remove the excess glue before you stick it to your face.

When removing it, take care and do it gently to avoid pressure on the skin. Also, if you see any sign of irritation, redness or rashes, avoid trying the cello tape beauty tricks or try some other brand tape.

So, without further ado, here are some beauty uses of scotch tape that is simply borderline genius!

Exotic Winged Eyeliner

eye liner

How to get a winged eyeliner with cello tape? Here is how.

  • Cut two thin strips of cello tape, stick it to your hands and remove twice to get rid of any excess glue. 
  • Stick the tape to the corner of your eyes, parallel to the eyebrows. 
  • Starting from the inner corner of your eyes, draw a thin line, stretching to the outer corner. At the outer corner, draw a thick arch, shape it the way you want. Let it dry for 20 seconds and remove it in one quick stroke. Viola, you've got yourself clean, sharp and that no-mess cat eye winged liner.

Nail Paint Smudging


How to prevent nail paint from smudging your skin? This easy scotch tape beauty hack will tell you just how.

  • Cut cello tape in small strips. Stick the tape just below, where your nail ends and both the side of your nails. 
  • Do this for all your fingers and toes, and apply your nail paint as usual. 
  • Let it sit till dry and then peel off the scotch tape. 
  • There, you've got yourself clean glossy nails, just like professionals, and the best part, without any smudging.

Nail Art

nail art

Did you know your cello tape can double up as a stencil and create an exquisite nail art? Neither did we!

  • Take a thick white scotch tape, cut it in the design that you want. 
  • Make sure the base colour is completely dry, before you bring the tape anywhere near it. 
  • Stick the tape on your nails, where you want and start painting. 
  • Make it a point to remove the tape before the paint dries, to avoid chipping the paint.

Product Tester

nail colour

Nail paint or lip colour looks one thing inside the container and quite another outside. To better understand the shade and how it will look on you, here is a quick hack.

Simply apply the paint or lip colour on a piece of scotch tape and hold it over your lips or nail, you will know precisely how it will look on you.

Eyebrow Shaper

eye brows

When shaping your eyebrows, we always run the risk of smudges, here is a little cello tape beauty trick that will save your time.

Stick the tape on the back of your hand and remove it.
Later, stick the tape right below the arches of your eyebrow, before starting to fill in.
When done, remove it gently. Your eyebrows will be sharp, clean and well defined.

Flaky Foundation Or Eyeshadow Remover


You know the time when your eyeshadow or foundation leaves unsightly flakes all over your cheeks that is impossible to remove without disrupting your makeup. Well, here is a trick that will save you from all the hassle.

Take a cello tape, as mentioned before, stick it on the back of your hand, to remove any excess glue.
Wrap the tape around your finger, with the sticky side out and gently place it on the flakes, until it all comes off!

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