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How To Do Eye Make-up For Wide Set Eyes

If you segregate the eyes according to different eye shapes there are mainly 8 types. Wide set eyes are one among these. Wide set eyes are the eyes in which the distance between the eyes is more than the length of the eyes. It is an evident distance that can make a difference to your entire look. While wide set eye is beautiful eye shape to have, some of us might feel conscious and want the eyes to look closer together. Well, with a little play of contour and contouring techniques, this is quite possible. And that is what this article is all about.

Wide set eyes are difficult to deal with when it comes to make-up. When doing eye make-up for wide set eyes, our main goal should be to create such an effect that the eyes look closer together. Listed in the article below are few simple steps that tell you how to do wide set eyes-appropriate make-up. Let's begin!

1. Groom Your Eyebrows Properly

An important step that makes a lot of difference in the way your eyes look is the way you groom them. When it comes to the wide set eyes, the eyebrows should be elongated at the inner corners. Don't pluck or thread the eyebrows near the bridge of your nose. Also, don't keep it elongated at the ends of your eyebrows, And if you use an eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows, you can draw it a little more towards the inner corner just a little bit.

2. Apply A Primer

The next thing that you need to do is prime the eyes. You can either go for the eyeshadow primer or you can use your concealer as your eyeshadow base. What priming the eyelids does is that it creates an even base for the eyeshadow and the colours of the eyeshadow will be reflected in a better way.

3. Use Shadow Technique For The Eyeshadow

Now comes the main part - applying the eyeshadow. The technique that we use to apply eyeshadow to a pair of wide set eyes is creating shadows. This means that we create a shadow at the inner corner of the eyes using some dark eyeshadows and keep the outer corner of the eyes light and bright.

So, start with a dark shade. Apply it to half of your lid. Start from the inner corner of your eyes and go till the middle of your lids. You can also go a little bit beyond the middle towards the outer corner. Now, take a lighter shade and apply it to the other half of the lid. Make sure not to go beyond the outer corner of the eyes. Blend the eyeshadows well to remove any harsh lines.

4. Highlight The Brow Bone

To create more shadow at the inner corner and brighten up the outer corner, take some highlighter and apply it just under your brow bone. Blend it well.

5. Use The Eyeliner Lightly

When it comes to eyeliner for a wide set eyes, cat or winged eyeliner is a big no-no. That is because these will draw more attention to the outer corner of your eyes and make it look wider. And we don't want that.

So, apply a clean, thin line on your upper lash line. Do not extend the eyeliner beyond the outer corner of your eyes.

6. Line The Entire Lash Line

Use a black eye pencil to line your entire lash line. This will help to make your eyes appear closer together. Start applying it from the inner corner of your eyes and move towards your outer corner. Also, keep it a little bit darker at the inner corner as compared to the outer corner.

7. Contour Your Nose

The bridge of the nose sometimes accentuates the wide set eyes. To tackle that you can contour your nose and add some colour and dimension to the bridge of your nose. It helps to make the eyes look closer together.

Take a small contour brush, dip it in a contour palette, tap off the excess and use it to slightly contour your nose. While contouring, extend it towards the inner corner of your eyebrows.

8. Apply False Lashes

When it comes to fake lashes, the lashes of choice should be the one that are even in length. When you choose the lashes, ensure that the outer length of the lashes is not longer than the inner length.

Apply a coat of mascara on your lashes, stick the fake lashes to your eyes and apply another coat of mascara.

9. Coat Your Eyelashes With Mascara

The next step is coating your eyelashes with mascara. This helps to put the whole look together. Use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes a little inwards. Apply a coat of mascara to your eyelashes, wait for it to dry before going in for another coat.

Story first published: Thursday, August 1, 2019, 16:33 [IST]
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