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Difficult Traits That Each Zodiac Should Let Go


''Change begins with oneself''; how many times have you heard this statement? And how many times have you also noticed that change is difficult indeed? Be it an argument with a friend, or a disagreement with the neighbour, every time we are upset with other's behaviour, we are asked to change ourself and that's when the attitude of others will also change.

In an attempt to change ourself, we realise that some traits are so inherent that letting go is not so easy. Also, enduring them is equally difficult. It is not just you or me or he, these 'difficult-to-let-go qualities' or habits are a part of everybody's life. In fact, astrology even says that these traits are similar for the people of same zodiacs. Based on such astrological predictions, we have prepared a list - difficult qualities that are difficult to let go as per zodiac signs.

2019 Yearly Horoscope



You might have noticed if you have an Aries friend that they just do not know how to wait. It is not that they do not know that procedures take time, but what they cannot tolerate is that extra one minute in a task which should have been completed in ideally ten minutes. Yes, they become that technical and their patience my collapse when they are told to wait for a little longer.



Taureans are revengeful. They are emotional and sensitive. They trust you and give the trust back as well. They know that relationships and friendships happen through give and take on both sides. But once a Taurean is hurt, he is hurt forever. They keep on holding grudges and do not forgive people easily. This difficult quality of theirs is what they fail to get rid of. They keep resenting things from past life and holding the grudges.

Taurus 2019 Yearly Predictions



Geminis think. They think excessively and thus become over thinkers. They like to spend most of their time inside the house or somewhere closed between the four walls. They like to stay alone and spend their time doing peaceful indoor activities. One of these activities for them is thinking. They explore the adventures of the world just through their deep thoughts. In fact, overthinking would be a more apt word.

Gemini 2019 Yearly Predictions



Cancerians find it difficult to come out of their comfort zones. Everything that aligns with their comfort zone is what they appreciate. However, they need to understand that the extra thing comes when an extra bit of effort is put in, and no such effort comes while staying in one's comfort zone. But they are so closely attached that they cannot let it go.

Cancer 2019 Yearly Predictions



Everything is good and nice in the world until it attacks the ego. This is how most Leos perceive things. Leos undoubtedly have a chivalrous and a lion-like kingly personality, and they are well aware of this fact as well. Hence, they have a pre-established ego. Every time they decide to become a little more humble and leave the ego aside, the effort goes in vain.

Leo 2019 Yearly Predictions



Virgos have this habit to seek perfection in everything and everybody. They are always ready to make that extra effort which makes their work look perfect. But wait, it is not limited to work; they seek perfection in people, in friends and even expect their own selves to be a perfect version of what they call perfect. And this is where this quality becomes difficult to endure. They even find it difficult to get rid of this.

Virgo 2019 Yearly Predictions



Librans make attempts to please some people. Though it is good to think of others' needs and happiness, pleasing them beyond a certain level is what makes them lose their own identity. They need to understand that it is next to impossible to make everybody happy and satisfied with your efforts. It is not so difficult to let this quality go, but for a Libran, it seems so.

Libra 2019 Yearly Horoscope



Scorpios are hardworking and ambitious. They never fear putting in that extra effort when a target is to be achieved. But sometimes when the target misses the mark, their attention moves from their achievements to the unachieved. In all this, they forget to appreciate the beauty of what they actually possess. Though difficult for a Scorpio, we would still advise them to get rid of this quality.

Scorpio 2019 Yearly Predictions



Well, dear Sags, it is not so important to indulge in competitions every time with everybody. While some competitions are healthy and offer growth, others might even ruin relationships. Hence, it is okay sometimes. While competing is good for personal development, you need to figure out where to actually do so. Though difficult, you should let this quality go.

Sagittarius 2019 Yearly Predictions



Capricorns live a controlled life. They might not party some evening because they had some work, or they might not get much social because they think work is their priority and hence they do not find time. Capricorns should know that sometimes it is okay to go with the flow and enjoy life, work being a priority does not mean cutting on all the fun and rest that we need in order to recharge ourselves.

Capricorn 2019 Yearly Predictions



Yes, you are a great thinker Aquarius, but your own thoughts often portray you as being judgemental. You need to drop those prejudices saved in the back of your mind. You are right in thinking that you are always right, but empathising with how others are also makes you fair and good.



Emotional Pisces find it difficult to let go of sorrow. Sometimes you even feel sad for things which are not so sorrowful. Holding on to such things just hinders your happiness in life by affecting your mood negatively in an unwanted way. You need to let this quality go.

Pisces 2019 Yearly Horoscope

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