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18 Unhealthy Ways To Lose Weight
How can I lose weight fast? This is the question most people ask when they are trying to lose weight. There are plenty of ways to help you lose weight fast, but most of them are unhealthy and ineffective ways, hence ...
Unhealthy Ways To Lose Weight

Ways To Manage Your Thyroid Naturally
Thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located in your neck, which produces several hormones that have an impact on your metabolism function, hair growth, menstrual cycle and energy levels. When there is an abnormal production of thyroid hormones, thyroid problems occur. There ...
Having A Nosebleed? Here's A Guide On How To Stop And Prevent It
Nosebleeds are a common problem that mostly occurs in adults and children aged between 3 and 10. Nosebleeds occur rarely and don't always indicate signs of serious health problems. The nose contains many small blood vessels, which are situated close to ...
How To Stop Nosebleed
9 Effective Ways To Prevent The Risk Of Breast Cancer
Worldwide, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. It occurs when there is an abnormal growth of breast cancer cells that divide at a faster rate and start accumulating to form a lump in the breast. In this article, ...
Ways To Support Mental Health In The Workplace
In this fast paced world where people are constantly racing to reach the top, they often tend to ignore their physical and mental health. Meeting deadlines and travelling for office work round the clock can sometimes take a toll on your ...
Ways To Support Mental Health In The Workplace
6 Natural Ways To Remove A Splinter
Did your foot ever get pierced by a splinter? If yes, you know the throbbing and irritation that come along with it. Walking barefoot on thorns, wood shavings or other debris can cause piercing of the skin. Taking the splinters out ...
Natural Ways To Remove Splinter From The Skin
Bizarre & Extreme Ways People Have Tried To Stay Thin
Losing weight has been the biggest challenge for most of us and some people opt for the weirdest tricks to lose weight. But how safe and healthy do you think these tricks are? It is, therefore, important to check with your ...
7 Amazing Ways To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair
Unwanted hair growth is a cause of worry for many women, especially when it comes to your facial hair. While upper lip hair is common, for many of us the hair growth is more than usual and this can be frustrating. ...
Upper Lip Hair Removal Pros And Cons
12 Ways To Control Your Hunger
Do your hunger pangs hit you at any time of the day? Don't worry, we will tell you how to control your hunger in a few simple ways. There are several reasons why you are hungry even after you have finished ...
How To Eat Healthy This Summer
This summer, prep yourself up for the heat! Summers are already here and with it comes a whole host of delicious and healthy treats. Summers also mean going to the beach and visiting cool hilly areas. So, you may be wondering ...
How To Eat Healthy This Summer
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