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7 Amazing Ways To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair

Unwanted hair growth is a cause of worry for many women, especially when it comes to your facial hair. While upper lip hair is common, for many of us the hair growth is more than usual and this can be frustrating. The reason can be genetic or hormonal.

Many of us prefer to get rid of those upper lip hair and we find different and better alternatives to do that. While threading is the most common way to deal with your upper lip hair, it is definitely not the only one.

This article talks about all the ways that you can use to get rid of the upper lip hair, along with their pros and cons. Take a look and choose the method you think will work best for you.

1. Threading

The most common method to get rid of the upper lip hair is threading. Threading is the technique where you use a thread to wind around the hair and pull out the hair from the roots. It is a technique that you usually get done in a parlour by an expert.

This is a technique that delays the hair growth for a longer period of time. But you need to be prepared. This method can be a bit painful as it pulls the hair out of the roots by a thread. Also, it might or might not make your skin red. So we would advise you to not get your upper lips threaded right before you go out. And don't wait for the hair to grow back completely. The more the hair, the more the pain.

One useful tip when you go for threading would be to stretch your skin using your tongue as much as you can. The more you stretch, the less it will pain and the more effective will the hair removal be. Apply some soothing gel or an ice cube on the area after you're done to soothe the area a little.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Saves time
  • Convenient
  • Not much fuss


  • A little bit of pain
  • Redness might occur for a while

2. Waxing

Another way to get rid of unwanted hair is waxing. Although waxing as a technique is very common, it still isn't used by most ladies. Whether it is because of unawareness or being sceptical about an unfamiliar territory, you need to give this method at least one try. You might find it useful.

This method entails a layer of hot wax being applied on your upper lips. Then using a wax strip, it is pulled in the opposite direction of your hair. The wax comes out and pulls the hair with it and thus removes the hair from the roots.

This will sometimes lead to redness in the area for a little while. But that's nothing to worry about. It will settle down after a while.


  • It's quick.
  • Saves time
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Hair takes time to regrow


  • A bit painful
  • Redness for a short while
  • Hair needs to be at least one cm long to get it waxed
  • Needs expert support
  • Can get expensive, depending on where you get it done from

3. Epilators

Another way that you can use to get rid of upper lip hair is to use an epilator. It is an appliance that operates on battery and can be used to remove the upper lip hair without much fuss at the comfort of your home.

The appliance works in a similar manner to a tweezer. It pulls the hair out of the roots. The difference is that while the tweezers pull one hair at a time, epilator pulls out multiple hairs at once.

You just need to switch on the device and run it through the upper lip area and let the epilator do its work.


  • Less painful than waxing
  • Time efficient
  • No fuss
  • Can be done at home
  • Hair growth reduces over time
  • Can be used for sensitive skin


  • Does pain for the first couple of times
  • Redness in the skin for a little while
  • If used carelessly, it can lead to cuts and bruises.
  • Slightly expensive, although it can be seen as a one-time investment

4. Shaving

Now we come to shaving. Yes, ladies, you read that right. You can, in fact, shave your face without any second thought.

This is the most convenient method to remove the hair. And nowadays you get women razors in the market that are gentle on the skin and they reduce the chances of you cutting your skin. So, go get those razors and shave away the unwanted hair.

It is painless and quick, but the hair does grow back faster, within a day or two. Just remember not to shave on the bare face. Use shaving creams, you'll easily get that in the market or online. Apply some shaving cream on the upper lip area and shave in the direction of the hair growth. Be careful so as not to cut yourself.


  • It is fast.
  • No fuss at all
  • Painless
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Can be done at home


  • Tend to make the skin darker
  • Hair comes back faster
  • Skin surface hardens
  • Ingrown hair
  • Can lead to razor bumps or cuts, if carelessly done

5. Tweezing

Tweezing our hair out is the first thing we do when we want to get rid of that unwanted hair. We have all done it. Although it is a relatively inexpensive method, it is quite time-consuming. Plucking your hair one at a time does require a lot of patience.

You just need a pair of tweezers. Just grab your hair in between and pull it out quickly. Repeat the process until all the hairs are plucked out. Apply some moisturising or soothing gel afterwards.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Can be done at your home
  • Hair growth becomes lighter after a while
  • Instant solution to facial hair


  • Requires a lot of patience
  • Time-consuming
  • Painful for sure, especially for the first few times
  • Not ideal for intense hair

6. Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams, at one point of time, used to be the first thing we turned to get rid of unwanted hair. Nevertheless, hair removal creams work effectively to remove the hair.

You will find multiple hair removal creams in the market at different prices. What's best is that you will get one for sensitive skin too. It is easy to use and doesn't entail much hassle.

Apply the cream on the specific area. Leave it on for the time mentioned in the instructions. Then gently remove the cream and your hair gets removed along with it. Rinse the area. It is, however, recommended to do a patch test before you use it.


  • Not much fuss
  • Painless
  • Can be done at home


  • Tends to make the skin darker
  • Your skin might react to it
  • Can turn out to expensive, depending on the one you choose

7. Laser Hair Removal

Next comes laser hair removal treatment. It is a permanent hair removal treatment that is gaining popularity. Many people opt for laser removal so that they don't have to constantly worry about the unwanted hairs.

The method is not literally a permanent one. Your hair might grow back after a few years or if there is a hormonal change in your body. In laser treatment, a concentrated beam of light is applied to the specific area and it destroys the hair follicles to stop the hair growth. It doesn't happen at one shot though. You need multiple rounds of laser treatment.


  • Relatively painless
  • A long term solution


  • It is expensive.
  • It stretches over a period of time.
  • Needs an experienced expert
  • It comes with its own risk factors.
Story first published: Saturday, May 25, 2019, 11:07 [IST]