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Facial Hair

8 Effective Home Remedies To Remove Upper Lip Hair
Upper lip hair is fairly common. We go to parlours on a regular basis to get these removed. Threading, waxing and shaving are the common methods that we use to remove the upper lip hair. However, it is a painful task ...
5 Papaya Face Masks To Remove Facial Hair
Removing facial hair through waxing or threading can be a painful task as these methods can cause potential damage to the skin. Use of epilators, trimmers, and razors will only make the situation worse because sometimes the hair grows back ...
Papaya Face Packs To Remove Facial Hair
7 Amazing Ways To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair
Unwanted hair growth is a cause of worry for many women, especially when it comes to your facial hair. While upper lip hair is common, for many of us the hair growth is more than usual and this can be frustrating. ...
Upper Lip Hair Removal Pros And Cons
How To Use Turmeric To Remove Facial Hair?
Having facial hair might be a concern for many women. The growth pattern is also different for each woman. The most common cause of excessive facial hair is hormonal imbalance. It is also hereditary and can happen during pregnancy. Also Read: DIY Turmeric ...
Home Remedies To Deal With White Facial Hair
It has been observed that not only women but even men can suffer from white facial hair problem. According to studies, it has been noticed that woman or men with hyperpigmented or dark skin can generally have white or light facial ...
Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Facial Hair
Try These 8 Homemade Scrubs For Unwanted Facial Hair
Facial hair is an unsightly and inescapable reality that most women have to deal with at some point or the other. If you're someone who has tried waxing, bleaching or threading to eliminate facial hair, then you must be aware of ...
Try These 8 Homemade Scrubs For Unwanted Facial Hair
What To Do If You Suddenly Get Hair On Your Chin
All types of facial hair are a hassle to all of us women, isn't it? But that's alright. Most women do have facial hair. But when you start to get hair on your chin, it can be rather troublesome. If you ...
What To Do If You Suddenly Get Hair On Your Chin
Skin Care In PCOD: 7 Tips Not To Miss
PCOD or polycystic ovary syndrome is an imbalance of hormones in women and causes an elevated level of androgens in the bloodstream, that is, the male hormone. Its main symptoms are missed or irregular periods, acne, excessive facial hair, rashes and ...
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