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Things You Should Know Before Waxing Your Face? Should You Wax Your Face?

By Riddhi

A lot of us ladies are not so blessed with not having facial hair. It can be really embarrassing growing up with facial hair. We will be telling you about waxing as a method for facial hair removal. Should you wax your face at all? To know more on this, continue reading.

Some women do not have too much facial hair, and yet others have it a lot. It is really difficult to be growing up with a lot of facial hair, as you end up getting bullied and we all know what kind of a deep impact that can have on a teenager or adolescent's mind and that why facial waxing gained importance.

And if getting rid of the facial hair can help you feel a little bit more confident about yourself, then why not? We'd say, YES, you could definitely use facial waxing as a method of facial hair removal.

There are several methods of facial hair removal, like waxing or threading or even sugaring. There are certain things you should keep in mind before venturing into any facial hair removal method. Here is everything you need to know before you consider waxing your face.


1. Length And Amount Of Hair:

If you have a lot of facial hair and it is really long, the waxing is the way to go, as it gets out a lot of hair at once, and the longer the hair, the easier it is for the wax to get it out.


2. Pain:

We won't lie to you, but it is going to hurt a lot, probably more than body waxing does, because the skin on the face is a lot more sensitive. But the pain or soreness subsides in a maximum of 10-15 minutes. If it does not, then you may need medical help.


3. Type Of Wax:

Make sure you pick the right kind of wax to use on your face. It would definitely have to be a lot gentler than the wax you use on your body. We like the wax strips that are readily available for facial waxing. They mostly contain nourishing ingredients like vitamin E and aloe vera and are very gentle on the skin.


4. Longevity:

Each waxing session would last you from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on your growth rate. The results of waxing would last you a lot longer than any other facial hair removal method.


5. Redness:

There will be a mild amount of redness after your facial waxing session, but this would go away within 15 minutes or so. Apply some aloe vera gel on the area to help cool it down and soothe the skin. You may even apply baby oil, as the oil would help get rid of the wax residue on your skin.


6. Prepping The Skin:

To prep your skin, make sure you wash your face first to ensure there are no oils or makeup on your face. Then apply some baby powder on the area you wish to wax, to absorb more oil, and then apply the wax strip.


7. After-Care:

Avoid using any harsh soaps to wash your face after waxing. Use a gentle cleanser or baby soap to clean it. After this, moisturise your face well and avoid touching the area too much, as this may cause breakouts if you are prone to them.


8. Should You DIY?

You may do it yourself if you are a pro at waxing. Do this only if you are confident about your abilities. Waxing the face can be a little tough, as you may not be able to see every part of your face while waxing. So, it is best to opt for an expert instead.

Story first published: Monday, January 16, 2017, 11:00 [IST]
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