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The Best Direction For Sleeping
In Hinduism, East direction is considered the most auspicious direction, the direction of the divine. It is believed that divine vibrations radiate from this direction, which spread spirituality. The atmosphere consists of three kinds of energies, known as the Satva, the ...
The Best Direction Sleeping

Vastu Tips To Follow For Early Marriage
It is said that marriages are made in heaven. It is that bond which has already been made by the divine, you just have to find your soulmate here. And while we all look around for our life partner at a ...
Vastu Tips For Bedrooms
Vastu Shastra is one of the ancient sciences consisting a number of beliefs regarding the architecture of a building or a portion of a building. It is said that even the architecture of the houses in the Indus valley civilization seemed ...
Vastu Tips For Bedrooms
The Importance Of The Brahmasthan
Brahmasthan is the ninth direction among the ten directions mentioned in the scriptures.It is the most central point of the house. It can be estimated by dividing the plot or the house in sections of nine squares. Among these blocks, the ...
The Importance The Brahmasthan
7 Vastu Tips To Bring Positive Energy To Your Home
Have you ever walked into a place and felt an unexplained vibe that made you happy or sad for no reason? Sometimes, in some places, you may feel an eerie coldness, whereas a few other places can make you feel blissfully ...
Where To Keep Money According To Vastu
Vastu is a Hindu system related to the science of architecture. It originates from different energies in the atmosphere and is said to bring in peace, positive vibes and prosperity. A lot of people who believe in Vastu swear by it. ...
Where To Keep Money According To Vastu
Signs Of Negative Energy Around You
Negative energy is an unseen force that can make our lives harder to live. In layman's terms, negative energy is also called 'depression' or 'the evil eye'. There are times when you experience a sudden wave of negative emotions or thoughts, ...
10 Vastu Tips For Your Kitchen
The kitchen is probably the most essential part of your abode. It is not only the place where you cook food for your family, it is also a place which is responsible for the well-being and health of your family members. ...
Ten Vastu Tips For Your Kitchen
Things That You Should Never Donate As Per Vastu Shastra
Donations have been emphasised upon in almost every religion that exists. It obviously highlights the fact that serving the needy and touching their hearts helps to touch the hearts of God as well. Hindu beliefs say that wealth doubles by ...
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