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Tulsi, Money Plant, Bamboo: 6 Best Indoor Plants For The Home According To Vastu

Indoor plants not only provide you with a visual treat but also help in attracting peace and well-being. Plants help to detoxify the surroundings by absorbing carbon dioxide. Plants are filled with positive energy that helps in creating a favourable environment indoors. As per Vastu Shastra, it is essential to keep plants in the right direction to attract abundance, good health and prosperity.

Given below are some of the Vastu recommended indoor plants which bring peace and positivity to your homes.

1. Tulsi

Keeping a Tulsi plant at home is considered to be holy as per the Hindu culture. According to Vastu beliefs, tulsi radiates harmony, happiness and spirituality. Apart from having various medicinal properties, the plant acts as a natural air purifier for homes. As the plant thrives under maximum sunlight, it is ideal to place it in the east or south-east direction.

2. Money Plant

True to its name, the Money plant is known to bring wealth and prosperity to your homes. It brings good luck and happiness by protecting the house from evil. According to Vastu, the plant should be kept in the south-west direction to bring positive energy indoors. The plant is connected to Venus, which is known to strengthen your bond between family and friends. Avoid keeping a dried Money plant at your home, as it is a symbol of misfortune.

3. Bamboo Plants

Based on Vastu principles, the Bamboo plant helps in bringing balance and good fortune by warding off evil. Bamboo is an easy to maintain plant which makes it a good option indoors. When placed in the east direction, the plant invites well-being and you receive abundant wealth by placing the plant in the southeast direction. Bamboo plants make a versatile home décor element by placing them on top of your work desk, bookshelves or window sill.

4. Snake Plant

Snake plants bring positivity and a healthy environment indoors by absorbing toxins and harmful carbon dioxide. These plants are supposed to be placed in the south-east direction as per Vastu. When placed near the window, the plant advances the level of oxygen by purifying the air. The snake plant naturally creates a positive ambience by reducing stress and negative energies.

5. Jasmine

Known for its beauty and fragrance, a Jasmine plant attracts positive energy into your home. The scent of these plants helps to reduce anxiety by bringing peace and tranquillity. As per Vastu, the plant will nurture best when placed near a south-facing window.

6. Peace Lily

Peace Lily creates a great impact indoors, as they symbolise love, peace, and harmony. The plant attracts positive energy by acting as a natural air purifier. It is ideal to keep this plant near a bedroom window, as it helps cure insomnia by giving you a good sleep.

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