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As we spend most of our lives at home, it needs to be well made. Under home decor we give you simple tips that can help in decorating your interiors according to the latest trends. Take a look at the various ideas on home decor and interior decoration.
Astrological Tips For House Cleaning: Best Time To Clean The House
Our forefathers were the ones who believed in the goodness of astrology. As mankind started progressing, we started opting for a more scientific approach towards life. Gradually, we started doing what our heart dictated and ignoring the science of astrology. What ...
Astrological Tips For House Cleaning Best Time To Clean The House
Tips For Decorating Your Kitchen With Plants
Did you know that by keeping plants in your kitchen you are inviting a good amount of oxygen into your home? Yes, according to a recent research, if you have a big kitchen that is not cluttered with utensils and other ...
Tips For Decorating Your Kitchen With Plants
8 Dramatic Ways To Decorate A Center Table
Center tables add glamour to your living room, especially when you deck the table in a dramatic fashion. Today, Boldsky suggests some of the best ways to add that pop of colour in your living room by setting your plain and ...
Eight Dramatic Ways To Decorate A Center Table
Ugadi 2021: 8 Simple Tips To Clean Your House
Ugadi is the celebration of New Year, which is celebrated in almost all cultures of India. If the welcoming celebration of the New Year is known as Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, in Bengal, people celebrate it as 'Nobo-Borsho’. ...
Innovative Ways To Reuse Plastic Cups
Plastic - the deadliest problem of the present world. If you throw a paper anywhere, it will be decomposed and won’t clog anything. However, plastic is not such an easy material. If you throw it anywhere, it will remain the same ...
Innovative Ways To Use Plastic Cups
Best Designs For A Small Kitchen
Without a shadow of doubt, kitchen is the main focal point in our homes. While house hunting, people make sure that the house has a kitchen large enough to accommodate the "missus", is more roomier for cooking activities and also for ...
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