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Vastu Tips For Nameplate Of The House

Vastu tips for name plate at door: वास्तु नियमानुसार लगाएं घर की नेम प्लेट, चमक उठेगी किस्मत Boldsky

Did you check if the nameplate put outside your house is in accordance with Vastu rules? Does the colour on it comply with the colour of the background wall? Is the size of the nameplate perfect?

Vastu Shastra recommends rules not just for the infrastructure of the house but for the nameplate as well. Given here are some Vastu rules for nameplate. Read on.

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Duplication Of Name Of The House Name

Duplication of a name of a house that already exists, should not be done. The name of the house should be unique and not similar to that of another person's in your or nearby areas.

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A Meaningful Name

The name chosen for the house should have some meaning. Some people randomly select a combination of syllables which sound good. Yet others use a word which sounds fashionable but the meaning it carries is a negative one. This should be avoided. Good, positive and auspicious names should be chosen.

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Legible Name

When the name is not legible, it carries a negative meaning. It is said that when the name is readable, it emanates positive energies when it is read. Hence, positive vibes get attracted.


Direction Of Placing The Nameplate

The nameplate should be placed on the left side of the main door, if possible. It is considered more auspicious than the other sides.

The height at which the nameplate is put up should be more than half the height of the main door.


Shape & Design Of The Nameplate

The shape of the nameplate is believed to be good if it is circular, triangular or irregular shaped. The content on the nameplate should be covered maximum in two lines. Designs such as birds and animals should not be made on the nameplate.


Well Maintained

Nameplates in many houses are not properly fixed or left loose for fashion. This is not advisable. The nameplate has to be properly fixed, stable and should not move or keep moving. It should also not be damaged and should be well maintained and clean. There should be no holes in it.


An Elevator Before The Nameplate

If you live in an apartment with many floors, make sure the nameplate is not directly in front of the elevator. As the lift opens, the nameplate should not be one of the first things to be sighted by those inside the lift.


Objects Near Nameplate

People keep objects such as broom, mop, etc. near the main door of the house. Sometimes, these items are seen placed near the nameplate also. It is not auspicious to do so. No cleaning objects should be placed near the nameplate.


Colour Of The Nameplate

While the colour should be according to the owner's zodiac, the characters used while naming should also be decided with the help of an astrologer.

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