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The Best Direction To Keep Laughing Buddha At Home & Why

Laughing Buddha: Vastu | परिवार में होता है लड़ाई-झगड़ा, तो इस दिशा में रखें लाफिंग बुद्धा | Boldsky

Vastu Shastra translates to the science of architecture, which prescribes constructing houses in such a way that just the positive energy radiates around it. It says that every object has a certain aura. Aura here refers to the kind of atmosphere created around an object. This atmosphere is made up of the energies which comprise certain waves which are either positive or negative, thus impacting the surroundings accordingly.

Vastu Shastra says that, in the case of a building, this energy depends on the structure and the location as well. For example, since east is the direction of the sunrise, and is associated with positivity, it is said that the doors of the house must open towards the east.

When The Construction Is Not Done As Per Vastu

However, sometimes when the construction of the building is not as prescribed by Vastu Shastra, the negative energies become prominent and might impact the lives of the members of the house. As a remedy to such a situation, Vastu Shastra prescribes certain items and keeping them at home, can reduce the negative impacts. One of these items is the Laughing Buddha.

Why Should You Keep Laughing Buddha?

Laughing Buddha, when kept at home, is believed to increase the flow of money and bring good luck to all. Sometimes due to lack of awareness regarding the rules for keeping a laughing Buddha at home, people end up placing such items wrongly and all their efforts for getting the energies balanced go in vain. Here we have brought you some points which you should keep in mind while placing a laughing Buddha at home. Here is the detailed information on where you should keep laughing Buddha depending on the things you want it to regulate.

Where Should We Keep Laughing Buddha At Home?

For Peace And Harmony

If there is lack of peace in the house and arguments often take place among the members of the family, then you should keep laughing Buddha in the east direction of the house. This will ensure harmony and a better understanding among the members.

For Job Opportunity

The position of laughing Buddha can impact the job prospects as well. If any person of the family is finding it difficult to get a job, then you should keep laughing Buddha in the south-east direction of the house. This will help get a job soon. Along with this, keeping it in the south-east direction also ensures that there is no shortage of money in the house ever.

To Improve Work Life

If your work life is not going well and you are facing a lot of issues there, or if you feel that your work has been affected by the evil eye, keeping a Laughing Buddha in such a place that a passerby can easily see it, proves to be beneficial. It removes the evil eye's effects and improves the work life, thus bringing in progress.

For Other Problems

For any kind of problems whether in the home or at the office, keeping a statue which has both the hands raised, especially in the east, helps to improve the situation a lot. Once you do this, all the problems leave your way gradually and the things start falling in place.

To Be Blessed A Child

To be blessed with a child, one should keep such a statue in which laughing Buddha is playing with children.

One must never keep it in the kitchen, near the kitchen or the bathroom. This brings inauspiciousness in the house.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 16, 2018, 19:30 [IST]
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