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7 Wall Paintings That Might Be Inauspicious For Your House


While we like to decorate our house with the most beautiful showpieces, we often forget to ensure that the objects we are using are beneficial as well. The vibes that these images send across should also be taken care of in order to ensure that the aura of the house is not disturbed in the name of beauty.

Vastu Shastra says that every decorative item also sends a vibe across which is responsible for the energy that is radiated in the house. People often select anything that they think looks good for the house. And it becomes more difficult to decide when choosing paintings. Here is a list of paintings which you should never have on the walls of your house. Take a look.



Nataraja symbolises Lord Shiva in the dancing form. How much ever beautiful the image might look, it is Shiva in anger. Shiva takes this form when he is angry or when destruction used to happen, as in the stories we have heard from the past. Hence, images in which gods are depicted angry are not considered good for decorating the house.

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Ferocious Animals

How much ever chivalric or graceful the images might look, violent animals depict violence. Such violence is considered inauspicious as it is believed to increase arguments and misunderstandings among the people. Such images have a tendency to provoke anger in the people who see them.


Mahabharata Scenes

Though Mahabharata is one of the sacred books of the Hindus, we should never put up the images or paintings of scenes from it there in the house. While the message they send is positive, the vibes they send are all negative and depict trouble, disputes and arguments. Thus, such paintings might become a reason for unwanted arguments among the members of the family.

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Magic Or War

Wars, as said for the Mahabharata, are negative as they symbolize trouble and destruction of peace. Such images cause arguments to happen and destroy the peace of the house. Similarly, images of ghosts also radiate negative energies, hence we should not have them in the house.


Flowing Water

Flowing water symbolises instability. An image of flowing water is also considered inauspicious. It is believed that such images become the cause of instability in financial matters. It is said that money keeps flowing away from the house.


Sinking Ship

A sinking ship shows trouble and mishappenings. Any form of images that show such negative incidents taking place are considered inappropriate for one's house. They might cause happiness to sink.


Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is undoubtedly a very beautiful piece. However, it is the place where the king Shah Jahan and his wife were buried. Such images are considered negative. Images and paintings of burials or graves are inauspicious. Hence, they should not be there in the house.

Story first published: Wednesday, October 3, 2018, 9:00 [IST]
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