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Vastu Tips For Fish Aquariums Kept At Home


Fish aquariums serve as a mode of rectification of various Vastu defects besides adding beauty to the surroundings. These attract wealth and peace and feeding the fishes pleases Goddess Lakshmi. All the elements present on this earth radiate energy. This energy needs to be directed such that positive effects are reflected in the surroundings. It is also believed that the natural death of one fish in the aquarium brings an end to one of the sins of the life of the person.

Vastu Shastra says that the movement of fishes in an aquarium causes the flow of positive energy and frequent movement causes the flow of wealth and prosperity. Moreover, feeding the fish is also one of the best virtues, feasible for the common man. There are some rules associated with the fish aquarium. Take a look.


Number Of Fishes In The Aquarium

The number of fishes also affect the energy prevailing in the house. The more the fishes, the more beautiful it looks. Also, the more the fishes you keep together in the aquarium, the more they will enjoy. However, the ideal number of fishes that Vastu Shastra prescribes for an aquarium is nine.

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An Auspicious Combination

The combination of a dragon fish and a goldfish is what is considered lucky financially. People would generally like to keep more varieties of fishes. The aquarium would also look more lively and vibrant with more colourful fishes moving around in there. But the best fishes for wealth and prosperity would be a combination of a dragon fish and a goldfish.


Colour Of The Fishes

Though we might want to fill the aquarium with fishes having beautiful colours and patterns, we should ideally have eight fishes of the same colour and the ninth one of a different colour. This will help maintain harmony and peace in the house.


Replace A Fish Immediately If It Dies

Fishes have a certain lifespan, and they would often die a natural death after completing their lifespan. Keeping a dead fish for long in the aquarium is considered inauspicious. Hence, it should be replaced as soon as possible.


Single Person Should Be Made The In-charge

Generally, anybody from the family would go and feed the fishes. However, this is not considered right in Vastu Shastra. The fishes need to be fed by the same person every day. Only one person should be given the charge of it.


Which Room Is The Best For Placing The Aquarium?

The aquarium should be placed in the drawing room or the living room. According to Vastu, the best results are achieved when kept in these two rooms. Keeping the aquarium in the bedroom or the kitchen is considered very inauspicious. Placing it in these rooms creates problems related to sleep and health.

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The Best Direction For The Placement Of The Aquarium

The best directions for it to be placed would be the north and the east. Choose a place in either of these directions in the living room. There should not be more than one aquarium at one place in the house.

Story first published: Thursday, September 27, 2018, 12:32 [IST]
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