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Non Vegetarian Recipes

The Non Vegetarian Recipes tag page gives you all a list of different types of tasty and delicious Non veg recipes including both Indian and International cuisines. Sneak a peek.
Crispy Spinach Chicken Recipe
Crispy spinach chicken - the name itself sounds like a treat to the ears. Spinach is one of the best ingredients since it is highly nutritious. One serving of spinach contains 65 gms of protein and 10 gms of fat. This ...
Crispy Spinach Chicken Recipe
7 Spicy Dry Fry Chicken Recipes
Chicken........ the name itself sounds so yum, so can you imagine how delicious these recipes will be. On the occasion of Ramadan we give to you 7 different dry fry recipes to prepare. These chicken recipes are quite simple to prepare ...
Roasted Chicken Lemon Rice Recipe
Chicken is a preferred ingredient among those who want to lose weight. When you add chicken to any rice item it should be grilled or fried first with rich spices. This lemon rice recipe is unique in nature as it ...
Roasted Chicken Lemon Rice Recipe
20 Minute Chicken Curry Recipe
In South India chicken curries have always been a treat on Sundays in every home. Chicken is a lean meat loved by dieters as well as the elderly. The soft tender meat is juicy in nature which is why when the ...
Twenty Minute Chicken Curry Recipe
Goan Green Chicken Curry Recipe
If you have been to Goa and missed binging on the traditional chicken curry prepared in Goan homes, don't worry, for we have a simple chicken curry recipe you can try out. Goans love to add spices and herbs to ...
Goan Red Chicken Vindaloo Recipe
South Indians love Goan food as it is spicy, rich in texture and delicious. This afternoon we share with you an easy chicken curry recipe that you can enjoy with plain rice. However, if you want to make your meal ...
Goan Red Chicken Vindaloo Recipe
Red Pepper Chicken Noodle Recipe
Red pepper chicken noodles recipe sounds like a great treat. It also tastes yummy since it has a ton of veggies added to it. More importantly, this noodle recipe has chicken - a lean meat, rich in protein and other ...
Red Pepper Chicken Noodle Recipe
Yummy Cocktail Sausage Fried Rice Recipe
Cocktail sausages is much loved among kids and they are best eaten with sandwiches. But, today lets try an Indian dish - cocktail sausage fried rice. To prepare this yummy treat use basmati rice and add tons of vegetables to the ...
Chilli Chicken Fried Rice Recipe
If you want to eat something spicy and delicious this afternoon, then this is a must try. To prepare this mouthwatering chilli chicken fried rice recipe, you will need only breast chicken since it is boneless. Boil the chicken well ...
Chilli Chicken Fried Rice Recipe
Low Fat Chicken Curry With Curd Recipe
Chicken is one of the best meats you can consume when your thinking about weight loss. This afternoon, Boldsky shares with you simple chicken delight treat with curd. The best thing about this recipe is the way the curd mixes ...
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