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17 Amazing Hairstyles For Women With Big Forehead
Hair is an important aspect of your appearance and a nice, chic hairstyle can bind the whole look together. However, if you have a big forehead, it becomes a little tricky to style the hair. The look often feels incomplete and ...
Hairstyles For Big Forehead
Genius Hacks To Dry Your Hair Fast!
We all have 1 jumping-on-one-leg hour in a day. You know the time, when we are like a tornado, gobbling down our breakfast, putting together killer look in jiffy, lathering on the makeup in a flash, all to catch that 9 ...
10 Kareena Kapoor Chic Hairstyles We Can't Get Enough Off!
While the world awaits with abated breath for Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor to welcome her little one and fashion mongers scour the internet desperately scrounging for her latest maternity look, we decided to sample her hairstyles instead! She's a ...
Ten Kareena Kapoor Chic Hairstyles We Cant Get Enough Off
Hair Cut Ideas For Young Adults
"If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle." - Hillary Clinton There is no doubt that women of all ages like to have perfectly cut and styled hair. This is because, our tresses ...
Hair Cut Ideas Young Adults
Which Hairstyle Suits You The Best?
Hey, the life is too short to sport a boring hairstyle. I go crazy as a loon when I see the iconic Brigitte Bardot's teased & tousled mane, Farrah Fawcett's wild layers, Kim Kardashian's shiny straight mane, Gwen Stefani's pink or ...
Majestic Ways To Make Grey Hair Stand Out!
How many of you hide those gray tresses????? Why should you hide your bright coloured hair when there are a number of hairstyles to flaunt this season?The main causes of premature greying are stress, the wrong diet and hereditary reasons too. ...
Majestic Ways To Make Your Gray Hair Stand Out
5 Easy Steps To Get Your Ponytail Right
Styling with your hair is a main part of your make up. Whether you are attending a party or just going out, you need different hairstyles to look presentable. A bun or braid is very popular among ladies but these two ...
Five Easy Steps To Get Your Pony Tail Right
Simple Ways To Curl Hair At Home
Everyone likes to have a virtual facelift with new hairstyles and with new makeup trends. If you have thin straight hair and can’t figure out what to do with your hair today or next week all you have to do is ...
Eight Ways To Style Up Your Thin Hair
Getting long, black and thick hair is a dream of every woman. But for some circumstances your hair becomes thin. Again, there are some women who have hair of thin texture from the beginning. There are lots of methods by which ...
Eight Ways To Style Up Your Thin Hair
Homemade Hair Packs For Men
There are many men who think that taking care of skin, hair and body is completely something that effeminate matters. But, it is always good to take care of your hair and skin from that early age. As you have to ...
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