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Genius Hacks To Dry Your Hair Fast!

By Kumutha

We all have 1 jumping-on-one-leg hour in a day. You know the time, when we are like a tornado, gobbling down our breakfast, putting together killer look in jiffy, lathering on the makeup in a flash, all to catch that 9 o'clock bus to work.

In this whirlwind, the worst obstacle we face is wet hair! It doesn't dry soon enough, is a tangled mess, and broken strands stick to your clothes! To effectively side-step all this, we've curated some ingenious hacks to dry your wet hair fast.

But, before we get on with the tricks to dry hair fast, here are some ground rules that you must never forgo.

Put a limit on the amount of chemicals you clog your hair follicles with. Avoid touching your hair too much. When stepping out in the heat, cover your hair with a scarf.

Treat your hair to deep conditioning, preferably using herbal ingredients to counteract the damage at least once a week. Never be harsh on your mane and gorge into protein-rich food.

And for the wet hair debacle we face, here are some tips on how to dry hair fast that will save your day!

Use Kitchen Towel To Absorb Moisture

Towel drying hair is asking for trouble. Your good ol' kitchen towel is an excellent absorbent. So, take the hair, and dab it with a kitchen towel. It will take out the excess moisture; and the bonus point, it does not cause your mane to frizz out.

Let 90% Of Your Hair Dry On Its Own!

If you use hair dryer to dry your tresses from start to finish, that is, from soaking wet to completely dry. It will suck all the moisture from the strands, leaving it frizzy and prone to further breakage. We suggest, give your hair some time to dry out on its own. Have your breakfast, do your makeup and in the end, get on with your hair. Your hair will be much smoother then.

Flip Your Hair

If you have long hair, the right blow-drying technique is to flip your hair over, keep the dryer in a cool air setting, place it six inches away from your hair, and run it from the roots to tips. Your hair will dry much faster, without frizzing.

Divide Your Hair In Sections

Divide your hair in four sections. Top, left, right and back. Secure each section with a clip. And start with one section at a time. Take out the clip and run the blow dryer. Your hair will dry twice as faster.

Use Boar Bristled Brush

Use boar bristled brush as you blow dry your hair. It will allow the natural oil to be distributed evenly, keep frizz at bay and give your hair a healthy shine. Bonus point: it will dry your hair in lot less time than what you usually invest.

Handy Tips

Always apply heat-protecting serum before blow-drying to minimise damage.

Invest in vented brushes, to give you a more faster and voluminous blow out.

Using an old brush, keep cleaning the nozzle of your hair dryer, to get optimum functionality out of it.

Never blow dry in one specific place for long. Keep moving the blow dryer to prevent heat damage.

If you have any more hacks to dry your wet hair faster without much damage, you know where to share them!

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 23, 2016, 14:00 [IST]