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Genius Hacks To Dry Your Hair Fast!
We all have 1 jumping-on-one-leg hour in a day. You know the time, when we are like a tornado, gobbling down our breakfast, putting together killer look in jiffy, lathering on the makeup in a flash, all to catch that 9 ...
Genius Hacks To Dry Your Hair Fast

Are You Combing Your Hair Right?
Brushing your hair seems like a fairly simple task that we have been doing since infancy. Logic suggests, by now we have it right; however, fact says we don't! How do we know we are combing our hair the right way? ...
What Kind Of Comb Should You Use?
Which comb do you use to pamper your hair with. It is said that one should own at least three different types of comb, no matter how thick or thin your hair is.Experts state that using a brush to comb your ...
What Kind Of Comb Should You Use
2,000 Year Old Egyptian Beauty Cream For You!
Wish to know the beauty secrets of the ancient Egyptian beauties? Well, a cosmetic cream of 2,000 years of age has discovered in the cosmetic case of an aristocratic Etruscan woman. The lotion, which was discovered four years ago ...
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