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Are You Combing Your Hair Right?

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Brushing your hair seems like a fairly simple task that we have been doing since infancy. Logic suggests, by now we have it right; however, fact says we don't! How do we know we are combing our hair the right way?

How many times you should stroke your hair? Should you be brushing or combing? Is the angle you are stroking leading to hair loss? Are you using the right brush? Is the pressure enough? Well, there are too many questions, and very few answers!

It boggled our mind and piqued our interest,and, as always, we set out to find the answers! And the answers turned out to be prettysurprising!

right way to comb your hair

Forget about the expensive hair treatments and shampoos! Combing your hair right is all that you need to do to keep your mane in a healthy condition!

Combing hair removes scalp of its dirt and flaky dead skin cells' buildup. What's more, brushing stimulates the scalp to secrete more natural oils, which act as a lubricant for your hair strands.

Slow gentle stroking stimulates blood flow, which in turn boosts hair growth.

To make the most out of this simple ritual, here are things you are doing wrong when combing your hair, have a look!

right way to comb your hair

Are 100 Strokes Right?
Combing boosts the blood flow, no doubt, but excess combing can do more damage than any good! 100 strokes a day or combing several times, served a purpose decades back, when people used to wash hair once in a week. Now, with frequent washing and using chemicallychocked shampoos, your scalp has 'little' to 'no oil' left. And combing too much only serves to strip that oil, and leave your hair dry and even scratch your scalp.

right way to comb your hair

The Right Comb
As suggested by experts time and again, a natural bristled boar comb is best suited for your hair. It comes in all shapes and sizes; and depending on the thickness of your hair, you can choose a comb for your hair type.

right way to comb your hair

Can You Comb Your Wet Hair?
The answer is a big NO. Your hair is at its weakest when wet. And combing it then is like taking your hair to its own graveyard. Wait till your hair is at least half dry, apply a serum or a few drops of natural oil to detangle it. And then, gently run a wide-toothed comb through it. Boosting hair growth is all about getting the combing technique right!

right way to comb your hair

Is Brushing Different From Combing?
Answer is yes! Brushing is supposed to be slow, deliberate strokes to clean scalp of the sebum and make the hair shaft soft. It is a lengthy procedure. Whereas, combing is done to detangle hair or to style hair in a particular way. To get the right way to comb hair, you need to first know the difference between the two!

right way to comb your hair

The Right Amount Of Combing
There is no right number to it, you can comb 50 or 80 times, and it all comes down to the texture and moisture in your hair. Just make it a point to be gentle with your tresses at all times. If you have curly hair, reduce the amount of brushing you do, as it only serves to make your hair turn extra frizzy. Excessive combing can lead to hair loss, moderation is the key here.

right way to comb your hair

Combing Technique
First, make sure you are extremely comfortable with the brush you are using. Then, divide your hair from the middle. Right way to comb your hair is to startfrom the scalp, glide the brush through the length of your hair to the ends. Follow the same technique to the right, left and backside of your scalp. Make sure to exert as less pressure as possible.

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Story first published: Friday, September 2, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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