What Kind Of Comb Should You Use?

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Which comb do you use to pamper your hair with. It is said that one should own at least three different types of comb, no matter how thick or thin your hair is.

Experts state that using a brush to comb your hair is good as it helps to increase hair growth and promote blood circulation in the scalp. You should also use a steel or metallic comb if your hair is wet and opt for a wooden comb when your hair seems static to touch.


These types of combs have specific uses and you will be amazed to see how good it is for your tresses and the scalp. Here are some of the seven types of combs Boldsky thinks you should own today. These combs will help deal with a lot of hair problems and you will seek results in a week's time.

Take a look at these seven easy to use combs to pamper your hair with:


Wooden Comb

This is one of the best combs you can use for your hair. Wooden combs help to promote better hair growth and will also decrease dandruff. To clean these wooden combs you need to use oil and not water.


Horn Comb

Horn combs are similar to natural wooden combs, but they are rather expensive. Horn combs are gentle on the hair and it is the best to use when your suffering with a terrible hair fall problem.


Metallic Comb

Metallic Comb are the best for your hair too. Metallic combs are made from aluminium. They are the best to use when your hair is scanty. These combs are smooth and it runs well through wet hair.


Plastic Comb

Plastic combs are commonly used by everyone. Plastic combs should not be used on wet hair as it can make your hair split and fall. On the other hand, using a plastic comb will help to lessen dandruff problems.


Tail Comb

Tail combs are best suited for those who have short hair. They are also used for styling purposes. So, if you love experimenting with hairstyles, then this is the comb you should use.


Pick Comb

Pick combs are a perfect choice for those who want to add volume to their hair. You should use a pick comb the next time you are setting your hair to a bun.


The Brush

The brush is not used by many, but it is an advisable type of comb you can use on your hair if it is straight. Brushes help to improve blood circulation on the scalp, but it should not be used if your hair is oily to touch.

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