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5 Easy Steps To Get Your Ponytail Right

By Debdatta Mazumder

Styling with your hair is a main part of your make up. Whether you are attending a party or just going out, you need different hairstyles to look presentable. A bun or braid is very popular among ladies but these two hairstyles don’t go with every kind of dressing style.

Moreover you need some time to do such types of hair style. But when you are in hurry, how can you give time to manage your hair?

Eight Ways To Style Up Your Thin Hair

Therefore, whenever you think of a new hairstyle, ponytail is the easiest to do. It is such type of a hair style which goes very well with ethnic or western outfits as well. Even this hair style also goes with every face types.

Whether you are going to college or an evening party, an official conference or an interview, ponytail is the coiffure that can create an elegant look. Now, you know the ways to tie a pony tail. But what are more ways to get your pony tail right?

Natural Ways To Curl Your Hair

Puffing the crown area and tying the rest of your hair tightly is a very popular style of ponytail now-a-days. You can follow some special tips to tie the correct pony tail. Tie the hair only with a garter is not the only method.

So to know the ways to get your pony tail right, follow the following tips to tie the correct pony tail-

Part Your Hair

There are lots of ways to get your pony tail right. This 5 step formula will give you a clean look. First, part the frontal portion of the hair and comb the rest very well.

Tie Up

If you want tips to tie the correct pony tail, follow the following steps. After combing, take the side locks at the back and tie those parts tightly with a garter.

Tie The Rest

Now, the rest part of the hair is still untied. Bunch up the remaining part and along with the tied side locks tie that part tightly. Take care that no locks remain untied.

Take Care Of The Crown Area

Now, come to the frontal part of your head. When you do ponytail, the puffing at the front is one of the attractive ways to get your pony tail right. Now comb this area well back brush it. Pin up the locks at back side.

Round The Tail

Steps to know the ways to get your pony tail right ends with this step. While you pin up the front locks at back, wrap the remaining tail around the starting point of your pony tail and pin it up.

You are ready with your beautiful ponytail. Hopefully these ways to get your pony tail right may help you to tie your hair easily when you are in hurry. But these steps go very well if you have long hair.

In case you have medium hair, you can try the side parting method. Part the frontal portion of your hair on the side you like. Now comb the rest at back. Leaving the parted hair, tie the whole in a ponytail. Now, the bring the parted portion at back and pin it up. This will give also a clean and beautiful look.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 10, 2015, 20:01 [IST]