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Eight Ways To Style Up Your Thin Hair

By Debdatta Mazumder

Getting long, black and thick hair is a dream of every woman. But for some circumstances your hair becomes thin. Again, there are some women who have hair of thin texture from the beginning. There are lots of methods by which you can style up your thin hair.

If thin hair does not come from heredity, you can apply those methods and have positive result of good hair growth. For example, you can trim your hair after a 6 months gap; have a hair spa to provide proper nutrients to your hair etc.

Top Ways To Treat Thinning Hair Naturally

But these are ways to make your hair healthy. What will you do if you have to attend any occasion? Women often get confused how to style up your thin hair. Whatever you do, scalp becomes visible sometime and that looks very uncomfortable in the crowd of buns, bouffant and plaits. Therefore, you need to know perfect hair style for thin hair.

Remember, if your hair is thinning day by day you need to take care. Some home remedies are very effective to provide good result. For instance, use castor oil to enhance hair growth.

4 Easy Ways To Get Thicker Hair Naturally

Until the full growth, learn some ways to style up your thin hair in this article today.


Have A Bob Cut

It is a vintage hair cut but still in fashion. If you are going to hang out with your friends or attending a casual family get-together, this can be a perfect hair style for thin hair. Also this hairstyle is good for summer as you cut your hair short.


Pixie Cut

If you are confused what to do with your thin hair, this can make you set your own style. Due to this short hair cut, thin hair looks thick. Generally, this cut suits all type of faces, but girls with round face may consult your stylist for some new experiments.



What if you don't want to cut your long hair? Style up your thin hair in a beautiful ponytail. Make some fringe on the front portion with the help of hair roller. For the length, add some volume with the help of blow drier.


Hang Down

Yes, thin hair can create a sexy look. If you are going to a special date and want to impress your boyfriend, this is the perfect hair style for thin hair. To create a fabulous appearance, a windswept look at the front portion goes very well.


Use Accessories

Style up your thin hair with beautiful hair accessories. If you're attending any evening party, wear a sparkling hair band and let your hair flow with the bridge. If it is your marriage, beautiful ‘maangtikas' can cover the thinness of frontal area.


Make A Bun

You can also style up your thin hair in a nice bun. If you're a working lady, you won't like hair around your face. Side part the frontal portion and attach it at back with a clip. Now make a tight bun with the rest of the hair.


Blunt Cut

Another short hair cut to style up your thin hair. Attending a cocktail party in a LBD with this new hair style is enough to turn down the heads of men. Generally, it suits all face type.


Grow it Long

Yes, after all these short hair cuts, advising this may sound creepy. Actually, if you like to keep it short then OK. But medium length is not right because your hair looks thinner in that look. So, let your hair grow so that you can have different style.

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